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Fee Billing

Simplify complex fee billing and reduce manual errors

Reduce error and administrative time with one fee billing solution that lets you focus on revenue-generating activities rather than clerical tasks. Our sophisticated billing and expense management calculation engine, Revport, accurately calculates virtually any type of fee for your clients.

Automated billing for a wide range of fees for asset managers

Broadridge's Revport fully automates billing services for more than 55 standard calculations and custom rules—from complex asset management to performance fees and commissions.

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Fee-Level Reporting
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Revenue-Sharing Capability
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Reduces Audit Deficiencies
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Rules-Based Workflow

Improving Data Flow with Revport

Enhance efficiency by building sophisticated workflows across your enterprise with Broadridge's rules-based technology for fee billing.

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A simple solution for complex fee billing

Increase in efficiency for many Broadridge users.
Account receivable cycle times cut in half.
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