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Control Solutions

Transform your post-trade control and reporting landscape

Reduce risk and demonstrate compliance through a more efficient control framework. Our solutions enable you to manage the multiple trade reporting and operational processing challenges created by new regulations and market practices across all asset classes, even the most complex OTC derivatives.

Strategic solutions for mandatory trade reporting and verification

Increase control and transparency of post-trade flows, reduce exposure to ever-evolving reporting mandates such as Dodd-Frank, EMIR and MiFID, and meet future requirements such as MiFID II and SFTR.

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Trade, Transaction Reporting
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CCP, Affirmation Connectivity
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Harmonised Clearing Reports
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Collateral Messaging
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Internal Trade Monitoring
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Matching and Reconciliation

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Trade and Transaction Reporting

Control and transparency for reporting to repositories in all regions, from multiple internal systems and across asset classes

  • Rules-based, built-for-purpose strategic platform
  • Robust and proven for Dodd-Frank, EMIR, MiFID and other jurisdictions
  • Single solution for all asset classes and reporting destinations
  • Flexible dashboards to handle operational workflow
  • Efficient customer and trade identification handling
  • Fast-track addition of new mandates and jurisdictions, eg. MiFID II, SFTR

Harmonised Inbound Clearing Reports

Efficient handling of balance and transactional data from central counterparties, exchanges and clearing brokers

  • Unified view of all inbound reporting, regardless of incoming formats
  • Automates capture of collateral and margining information
  • Enables consistent view of CCP group credit risk globally
  • Supports reports from clearing houses, exchanges and clearing brokers
  • Saves time and cost and reduces operational risk
  • Common solution across asset classes, feeding multiple internal consumers

Clearing and Affirmation Connectivity

Strategic network of connections with central counterparties, brokers and industry middleware

  • Proven connectivity to CCPs globally
  • Platform links including MarkitWire, ICE Link, VCON, Traiana and Omgeo
  • Common solution across OTC asset classes, and for multiple internal systems
  • Support for complex matching and verification
  • Efficient control via detailed exception views and management dashboards

Collateral Messaging

Support for collateral management and optimisation through efficient messaging

  • Collateral-related position verification
  • Connects internal systems impacting collateral to external parties
  • Conforms with custodians' and service providers' formats
  • Single solution for all asset classes
  • Flexible and efficient two-way intelligent messaging

Internal Trade Monitoring

Monitors and highlights trades with breaks, across functions throughout the trade life cycle

  • Post-trade control dashboards for a consistent user view
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Fast-track analysis, repair and resubmission
  • Support for complex verification and matching
  • Valuable performance indicators and management information

Matching and Reconciliation

Matching and reconciliation including specialisation on complex structured instruments

  • Real-time support for all asset classes, including OTC derivatives
  • Advanced algorithm matches on complete economic trade details
  • Can be used to complement existing "field by field" matching solutions
  • Removes taxonomy issues from matching process
  • Includes post-report verification for Dodd-Frank, EMIR, MiFID, and others
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