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Global Market Intelligence

Expand your insight into global funds and ETFs

Get an unparalleled view of domestic funds, cross-border funds and ETFs with Global Market Intelligence. It seamlessly combines our two unrivalled data sets: FundFile for the global fund marketplace and SalesWatch for a deep dive into the cross-border market.

Greater insight for better decision-making

Make better strategic decisions, more effectively, allocate your company's resources and be more responsive to the needs of your customers through the combined power of Money in Motion, FundFile and SalesWatch.

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A Granular View of Flows to Pinpoint Growth
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Leading-edge, Customisation Visualisation Tools
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Understand the Landscape by Market, Channel and Product
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Analyse Trends, Including In-country and Cross-border
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Identify New Markets and Opportunities
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Leading Industry Consortium

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Get acquainted with Global Market Intelligence, a solution that provides an integrated, complete view of both domestic and cross-border funds.

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