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Automated Email Distribution Service for impact SM Cognos Reports

Gain Efficiency Through Streamlined Broadridge Fixed-Income Post Trade Processing (impact) COGNOS Report Distribution.

The process of gathering and distributing information can be tedious and time-consuming. With increasing demand for productivity, financial firms are seeking new ways to automate workflows to save critical person-hours and reduce human errors.

By strategically automating reporting, firms can eliminate redundancies, limit manual processes, and reduce associated operational risks, enhancing their end-to-end operating model and reinforcing security.

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Increase Control and Reduce Risk

Broadridge’s solution automates the creation and delivery of scheduled reports on a recurring basis, eliminating the manual processes of routinely downloading, attaching, and sending emails out to designated parties.

Built on the back of new functionality in Cognos v 11.1, the automated email delivery enables the report to attach to an email and send to the specific email destinations configured for that report. Clients can choose between two email delivery options to match their firm’s security and business requirements:

  1. Restrict emailing reports only to the email address associated with a Cognos User ID.
  2. Allow for free-form email address entry without restrictions.

Broadridge's Automated Email Delivery for impact COGNOS Reports:

  • Increases operational efficiencies by automating emailing of any scheduled impact Cognos report on a recurring basis.
  • Eliminates multi-step processes and manual errors.
  • Mitigates operational risk and enhances flexibility through authorisation and restriction tools.
  • Provides easy implementation via a one-time step up.
  • Eases process bottlenecks.

Enhance Operational Processes With Automation

Auto-Generated Reports

Our automated email distribution service allows authorised users to enter the email addresses once for a scheduled report or report group, and the system retains it for recurring use.

User Type Permissions

The Cognos Report Studio enables various user types to configure the email service settings. Query Authors can build, execute, and schedule queries while Schedulers are assigned for report scheduling purposes.

Customisable Configuration

With the customisable configuration option, clients can control the authorisations for emailing impact Cognos reports. For both the Query Authors group and the Scheduler, a one-time configuration enables your firm to:

  • Limit emailing a scheduled report to only the email address associated with the individual Cognos User ID.
  • Allow emailing reports to other email addresses, within or outside your firm. With this option, a user can set up one or more email addresses as the destination for emailing a scheduled report.

Quick Start

Authorised users may use the Cognos IRS user interface with the same user ID and password to gain email access.

For additional information, please contact your Broadridge Account Manager or visit our website.

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