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Checklist: Getting Ahead of the iXBRL Mandate

Checklist: Getting Ahead of the iXBRL Mandate

The right solutions and processes can accelerate composition, production, distribution and tracking of critical communications. Now, more than ever, firms are turning to Broadridge for help. Use this checklist to assess your readiness for the SEC’s iXBRL mandate and prioritize best next steps to streamline your adoption workflows. Discover more ways to streamline compliance, navigate new regulatory requirements, and gain efficiency by speaking with your Broadridge Representative today.

Document Composition & iXBRL Tagging

  • If your composition is automated, be sure it is iXBRL-enabled
  • If self-filing, make sure the iXBRL taxonomy is integrated
  • If utilizing hybrid or full-service provider(s), ensure their staff has the expertise to manage the upgrades
  • Consider an end-to-end service provider to meet your needs from composition to typesetting to HTML conversion, iXBRL tagging, and filing to webhosting, printing, and distribution
  • Build extra time into your processes for review and sign-off
  • Meet deadlines, get to market faster, and avoid the quarter-end rush with consultation and planning


SEC Filing & Regulatory Document WEB Hosting

  • Become familiar with the Arelle open-source iXBRL platform supplied by the SEC and through which you will preview all filings
  • Discuss with your provider minimization of last-minute material changes and how to handle other final edits without compromising the new filing deadlines
  • Investigate a secondary supplier, such as Broadridge, for extra help meeting the tighter regulatory filing deadlines
  • Utilize an EDGAR-sourced document library to automatically link product documents (inclusive of Initial and Updating Summary Prospectuses, SAI, and Supplements)
  • Automatically link underlying mutual fund documents (both proprietary and third party Fund Prospectuses, Shareholder Reports, portfolio holdings, SAIs, and applicable Supplements)


Multi-Channel Distribution

  • Reduce costs by maximizing use of print on demand
  • Accelerate digital adoption via SEC-linked web hosting
  • Execute orders from multiple systems via a central distribution point for personalized, ad hoc, and recurring communications


Tracking and Reporting

  • Maintain an accessible, detailed history of materials distributed 
  • Gain powerful insights on investor and advisor behavior

Business Continuity and Resiliency

  • Ensure continuity of internal and vendor operations 
  • Manage through event-driven operational challenges
  • Address critical business needs involving data security and compliance

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