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iXBRL and 498A a Streamlined End-to-End Solution

Transform The New Regulatory Complexity Into A Whole-Process Upgrade

Variable Annuity / Variable Life contract carriers should see the new 498A and iXBRL requirements in a new light. An increased load on staff and timelines is also an opportunity to revamp workflows, find amenable vendors, and actually reduce costs. Whether this is your time to automate your disclosure or just streamline your production schedules, Broadridge can help.

One vendor and one point of contact can meet your needs from document inception and update to typesetting, filing, web hosting, and distribution. Do you anticipate one-off work, such as non-routine proxies? We’ve got you covered!

  • Fully-managed services for all of your disclosure needs
  • Self-managed automation platforms to manage your own disclosures or self-file
  • Self-tag for iXBRL or keep it simple and have us do the heavy work for you
  • Hybrid combinations that meet your unique needs
  • Proprietary linking and layering technology
  • Navigate between product and fund documents in a compliant and customer-friendly manner

Realize The Value of Single-Source Simplicity

If you’ve just adapted to Rule 498A (or are still transforming), facing iXBRL immediately thereafter can feel daunting! With quickly-changing SEC regulatory requirements, speed and accuracy in adapting matter more than ever. From full service to self-service, Broadridge can help you meet those challenges. If you need some heavy-lifting from composition and typesetting to tagging and filing, we have a full-service solution. If you want to do it yourself with minimal software and self-file, we have a self-service solution. If you want to automate your disclosures to create best-in-class language across materials, we have an automation solution. And if you need anything in between, we can create a unique hybrid just for you. Disclosure requirements vary between products. Staff levels and budgets change. But the need for accurate and timely SEC compliance remains constant. Broadridge is that one vendor and one single-source solution that can help you achieve unparalleled efficiency.

Automate Web Presentment and Free Up Internal Resources

Enhance your document web hosting solution to accommodate all product documents, including Initial and Updating Product Summary Prospectuses. Support both active and Great-Wested contracts and link all product documents to related subaccounts with simple navigation. It automatically updates information daily with the latest EDGAR filings. Designed for the variable products market, our simple, web-based solution is mobile-enabled and Summary Prospectus-ready. Broadridge automates the fulfillment process and seamlessly integrates with your website, so your marketing team can focus on content, not compliance.

Rely on a Single, Powerful Solution

Experience a flexible, user-friendly, single-source solution to cover your regulatory requirements, end-to-end, and get back some needed staff bandwidth whilst reducing costs. One vendor provides for greater accountability, transparency, and a vastly simplified workflow, whilst giving you maximum control at every step.

Benefit From Five Decades of Experience

Discover more ways to streamline compliance, navigate new regulatory requirements, like 498A and iXBRL, and gain efficiency.

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