Data Aggregation and Financial Reporting

Increase productivity and efficiency

Our Data Aggregation solution provides the tools you need to understand your advisors, their clients and the firm's business in a single platform. Get performance reports, track and audit representative activity, seamlessly flow data to third party applications and beat competitors to key insights.

Provide consolidated views of clients' assets — regardless of custodian

Gain access to a high-quality, fully reconciled database of information and view client performance reports, asset allocation, holdings and transactions on a convenient, user-friendly dashboard.

Consolidate Client Information
Eliminate Manual Entry
Fully Reconciled Data Aggregation
User-Friendly Dashboard
Seamless Integration
Single-Source Solution

Three Solutions to Improve Advisor Productivity

  • Desktop provides a complete view of client information in one place
  • IDM aggregates data to clients
  • API offers third party integrations
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Data confidence you can trust

Level of accuracy of Broadridge data.
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