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FSI Webinar: Executing the DOL Rule

Maneuvering around uncertainty, costs and unintended consequences of the DOL rule.

FSI Webinar

Although certain key requirements of the DOL rule are on the shelf, advisors today are accountable for meeting “Impartial Conduct Standards." What does this mean?

Firms face business disruption for process changes on rollovers, due diligence and advisor compensation. While many process changes will be driven in-house, the fintech toolbox to solve them will likely come from third-party service providers. Forward-thinking firms and advisors are looking to move sooner rather than later to transform fiduciary standards into a competitive advantage.

Join Broadridge and a panel of experts as they explore operational challenges and how to transform "Impartial Conduct Standards" from business disrupter to competitive differentiator in this recording of a webinar sponsored by the Financial Services Institute.

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