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Taking a Minute to Reimagine Communications: Wealth InFocus

In “Taking a Minute to Reimagine Communications”, Matt Swain shares key communication insights – in less than two minutes! So, give yourself a mini break and discover the latest communication trends, news, innovations and inspiration.

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Video Transcript

Matt Swain: Did you catch our recent news about the launch of Wealth InFocus? If not, let me set the stage.

So, imagine you’re an investor – receiving more than 120 communications from your brokerage firm every year between alerts, advisor messages, account statements, confirms, notices, reports, proxy materials, marketing content, and more. It can be overwhelming!

Enter Wealth InFocus, a new omni-channel communications experience that has been designed to take an investor-centric approach by consolidating, aggregating, and presenting the most important information to investors across these account and regulatory communications.

It delivers what matters most to investors, while:
  • Creating new engagement opportunities for advisors
  • Accelerating digital
  • And of course reducing costs! 

The proverbial win-win-win.

Cetera Financial has been a pilot client for Broadridge over the past year. Nearly 90% of investors surveyed about the new communications experience said they would like to receive it on an ongoing basis – and with Wealth InFocus soon going into widespread use across the firm, these investors are getting what they’ve requested.

As COO Tom Gooley notes, Cetera is already seeing improved client engagement, enhanced investor connections with advisors, and a digital transformation that so many firms are asking for.

For more information, check out the Barron’s article or our press release and let me know what you think!

Find out how Cetera Financial Group is boosting their investor engagement, empowering advisors, and strengthening their digital transformation with Wealth InFocus.

If you have a bit more time to dive deeper into Reimagining Communications, check out our podcast.

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