Shareholder Communications for Today’s Alternative Investments

Shareholder Communications for Today’s Alternative Investments

Cost-effectively secure the required vote results with a targeted shareholder experience.

When participation is critical, you need to analyze your shareholders, understand voting behaviors and execute a more strategic plan — all while controlling spend. You need innovation, expertise and proven results.

Broadridge is the leader in regulatory and shareholder communications for public companies and alternative investments, including non-listed REITs and BDCs. A pioneer in digital engagement, segmentation and high-impact communications, we provide an end-to-end solution that’s simple, smart and strategic.



Your data-driven solicitation roadmap
An effective retail engagement strategy requires a fresh perspective, one informed by robust data and true market expertise. Aligned with your interests and always looking ahead, Broadridge provides the insights and advice you need to identify risks, seize opportunities and respond in ways that make sense for your business.

Our data-driven tools and services empower you to target messages, customize packaging and identify the characteristics that drive results. Leaving nothing to chance, we plan, perform and measure effectiveness year-over-year, adding accountability at every step.


Effective, multi-touch shareholder communication plans
In a world where people are inundated with messaging, Broadridge clients find ways to engage shareholders and boost participation earlier in the process— reducing the need for more costly follow-up as deadlines approach.

Using proven best practices and tested designs, we can help you target messaging and create customized packaging that captivates shareholders from the start. Our Enhanced Packaging option delivers a more immediate, compelling interaction — one that produces significant improvement over standard mailings, with a 20 to 30 percent average increase in retail accounts voted.

These proxy mailers are modified with large marketing windows, giving you the opportunity to differentiate your messages at minimal cost. Boost response further with a voicemail message from a top executive, reaching shareholders as the first packages arrive, to reinforce the importance of their vote.



A single point of contact for the entire proxy process
It starts with a clear, accountable strategy on how you can achieve your vote. We’ll work with you to build a highly effective, cost-efficient program driven by data and proven best practices. We will assign you a team that includes a proxy specialist and solicitation specialist. Weekly status calls and a complete reconciliation, from your proposed budget to your final invoice, are all part of the service.



Broadridge knows retail shareholders better than any other communication services provider. As a result, we can identify key accounts and analyze the shareholder base to deliver the planning accuracy and campaign control needed to increase voter participation. We see trends and look at historical returns across all aspects of the shareholder base, whether directly held or in omnibus accounts.

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