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About Broadridge

The Broadridge Repo Order Quote (ROQ) Solution

As a key tool for managing liquidity, balance sheet and leverage, Repo is more important than ever. Traders need the right tools to do their job.


    • Faster trading
    • Simpler views of complex data across markets
    • Avoid missed trading opportunities
    • Maximize use of inventory
    • Improve P&L
    • Reduce IT costs from multiple fragmented systems

The Broadridge Repo Order Quote Solution (ROQ) makes trading faster, simpler and more efficient. It does this through:

    • Seamlessly integrating key markets
    • Providing liquidity and inventory in a single screen
    • Additional tools to rapidly identify and act on trading opportunities

ROQ helps trading desks to succeed in a challenging world of low interest rates, on-going migration to electronic trading and greater use of CCPs.

Market Aggregate & Algo Trading

ROQ offers a front office repo trading tool for multi-market aggregation and execution. The solution enables traders to gain a clearer view of liquidity and explore market color across venues.

The solution provides customizable algorithms such as:

    • Bulk Quote: The ability to quote and execute on an aggregate basis, with automated execution logic that allows users to rebalance across markets to make the best use of market availability.
    • Sweep: The ability to sweep the market automatically to fulfill trading requirements within given constraints by sharing available liquidity across markets.
    • Algo Trading Controls: all ROQ Algos are augmented with a suite of ROQ control features, statistical analysis and year-on-year support designed to ensure complete regulatory compliance.
    • Support for: RFQ (ATS), and new- via Broadridge’s 2021 purchase of ITIVITI- planned B2C/FIX RFQ workflows.

figure 1

ROQ Core Functionality

Deployment models

    • Licensed on Premise
    • SaaS, Broadridge Managed Service

Integration Options

    • System Agnostic
    • Integrate Inventory and Post Trade from/ to your systems

Bulk Quoting

Algorithmic Trading Controls

    • MiFid II
    • General Regulatory Controls

General ROQ Features

    • Bulk Sweep/Sniping
    • Rebalancing
    • Passive Aggressive
    • Analytics & Metrics – Market
    • Analytics & Metrics – House
    • Connectivity
      - Pre and Post Trade
      - All major European Repo Markets
      - Recent Upgrade to CME

Market View

Configuration Options

    • Colors, Top level Filters, Field Selection
    • Best Line & Depth
    • User Configurable In-line Filters

Direct view of inventory levels against markets

ROQ can be deployed as a standalone trading solution, integrated directly with your main source of inventory and repo system via our realtime API, or as an integrated component of the wider Broadridge SFCM repo platform.

This enables you to trade off live, accurate inventory levels directly against the markets, including over term, or through General Collateral baskets. This means faster trading and immediate clarity on the ability to seize market opportunities. It also enables ROQ’s algorithms to adjust to inventory & trading positions- for instance ROQ’s Passive Reduction function where all actions, passive quotes and active quotes are coordinated to achieve the trading goal.

Single configurable view independent from the underlying market

ROQ provides a single configurable view across all markets, homogenizing market quirks, and enabling the trader to focus on trading opportunities.

Extensible scope

The nature of ROQ means that expanding the coverage of the desk is only a case of purchasing the appropriate ROQ connector for pre/post trade connectivity with the new market, switching it on and configuring ROQ's trading and access rules to suit your new trading activity. It is no longer necessary to deal with specific broker idiosyncrasies. With our SaaS deployment model, this expansion no longer requires any packaging, delivery and onsite installation and testing.

Real-time data availability

In addition to providing real-time pivoting tools, ROQ offers a stream of homogenized data from all connected brokers. This includes information about house participation in markets but also market information. This is either available to internal slice-and-dice capability or provided as homogenized data feed.

Integrated front to back-office support

When used in conjunction with the Broadridge Repo solution, firms can achieve full front to back office processing from execution to settlement.

However, ROQ is a completely independent module capable of standardized and rapid integration with your current position and inventory platforms, as well as real-time integration with your repo trading system.

A single view

Not only this: Many firms are now replacing their equity finance and Fixed Income/Repo silos with a single combined business unit. Therefore, the ability to combine a modular tool like SFCM ROQ + SFCM Repo even further with SFCM’s Securities Lending & Borrowing Module and SFCM’s Collateral Management Module, provides the only true single-system, SaaS front to back office Securities Finance and Collateral Management platform available on the market today.

Reduced IT costs with improved trading functionality

When combined in this way, ROQ forms part of a comprehensive front-to-back repo solution. Use of a single technology vendor for the full pre-and post-trade repo lifecycle can also reduce costs through replacing multiple fragmented systems with a single global front to back solution.

On the other hand, if used standalone, integrated with your existing Repo and inventory platforms, ROQ also represents a cost-of-ownership reduction opportunity. This is because it is truly modular and specifically tailored for repo desk usage; it is not a monolithic platform. ROQ has – by design- a very competitive ‘all in’ price tag which reflects its modular nature and Broadridge’s unparalleled ability to mutualize costs across our considerable client base. Yet, ROQ’s functional richness and completeness is designed explicitly to be better than any existing electronic repo platform you might consider as an alternative, or be in the process of reviewing for replacement.

Reduced IT costs

When combined with Broadridge’s Repo system, ROQ forms part of a comprehensive front-to-back repo solution. Use of a single technology vendor for the full pre-and post-trade repo lifecycle can also reduce costs through replacing multiple fragmented systems with a single global front to back solution

Deployment Options

ROQ may be deployed on-premise. As a preferred alternative, ROQ’s SaaS deployment model is built within Broadridge’s well-established, world-class Technology Services Support (TSS) Infrastructure, which uses ISO/SOC-standard Mainland EU and US primary and secondary private cloud data centers to provide high availability, leased line provision and a full SaaS Managed Service for you, with the very highest levels of SLA, RACI, BCP and Information Security.

ROQ Architecture

ROQ has been built from the ground up using market-standard, service-oriented componentized technology using a .NET WPF composite UI, JAVA server tier and an Oracle database.

ROQ is designed for standalone operation, integrated directly with each market you require via the market’s native APIs, integrated (inbound) with your inventory via a single standard feed and (outbound) with your repo platform via market standard post-trade feeds

figure 2

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