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Revenue Management and Fee Billing

Automate revenue management and billing processes

Improve the quality of your fee calculation and invoicing processes using Revport, a browser-based technology that helps you drive higher ROI though increased efficiency, accuracy and shorter billing cycles.

Streamline billing and invoicing operations

Our flexible, rules-based solution tracks and calculates fees across a variety of complex workflows, and enhances revenue reporting.

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Invoice, Fee and Data Validation
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Business Intelligence
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Simple Exception Processing
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SaaS /Managed Service Options

Improve Process and Efficiency

Broadridge's Chris John explains how Revport improves cash flow and reduces costs by optimizing billing processes.

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Improve the quality and integrity of workflows

Clients that decreased the error-prone components of their billing process.
Clients now able to focus on generating revenue rather than clerical tasks.
Clients believe Revport made a tangible impact on their bottom line.
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