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About Broadridge

Giving Back To Our Communities Through Committed Engagement

At Broadridge, we do well by doing right. That's not a feel-good slogan – it's a core value driving our commitment to service.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that success is always mutual, which is why we've created a culture at Broadridge where the highest goal is to empower others to achieve more — whether business partners or underserved individuals in the communities where we work and live. By partnering with community organisations, providing educational opportunities in underprivileged areas, donating resources to charitable causes and simply volunteering our time, we hope to give back to our communities and extend success where success is demanded.

It's partly about our commitment to service and partly just the way we do business.

There's a direct connection between employee engagement, client satisfaction and the creation of shareholder value — a concept known by many as the service-profit chain. At Broadridge, we put this idea to work in our communities, just as we do for our valued partners. We recognise that the stronger our commitments to the communities around us, the more we're both empowered to grow and achieve — hence the more value we're able to provide to the marketplace. In other words, we prize our CSR efforts as a win-win-win, the result being a stronger company, deepened relationships and a better world to live in.

Broadridge Foundation

At the heart of our CSR efforts is the Broadridge Foundation, which identifies meaningful ways to engage with our communities to make a local impact.

Some of our most notable Foundation-led efforts empower Broadridge associates to lead and participate in projects that matter to them and their communities. While numerous such initiatives take place across our organisation, we have highlighted a select few below.

Providing education in India with the MV Foundation

More than 2,000 children have successfully transitioned from bonded labor into our “pre education system” and more than 1,200 have since graduated into the formal education system. 60 pursue higher education and 10 earned the equivalent of Bachelor’s degrees.

Residential Bridge Camps

In partnership with the India-based MV Foundation, Broadridge helps educate children who have been subjected to child labour by providing complete financial support of boarding schools known as Residential Bridge Camps.

  • With help from hundreds of India-based Broadridge volunteers, more than 2,000 students have successfully transitioned from bonded labour into our “pre-education" system
  • More than 1,200 children have since graduated into the formal Indian education system and over 60 now pursue higher education while 10 have earned the equivalent of bachelor’s degrees
CSR Bridges

Sri Vidhyas Centre for the Special Children

We have also supported the Sri Vidhyas Centre, an institution where physically and mentally challenged children from all backgrounds can learn the skills needed to live a productive life.

  • Through contributions from Broadridge and our associates, the school recently constructed a five-story learning centre in Hyderabad, India
  • The centre is staffed by trained professionals and equipped with classrooms, a residential hostel facility, medical services, a yoga and meditation hall, and an indoor, multipurpose auditorium
  • With our support, the Sri Vidhyas programme has grown from serving just eight students over a decade ago to more than 160 annually

Broadridge associates receive three paid days annually for volunteer service.

Enabling associate community service and matching associate donations

At Broadridge, we know that engagement happens from the bottom up, so we strive to provide each of our associates with the tools they need to address the problems that matter to them. Toward that goal, we provide each Broadridge associate with three paid days annually for volunteer service — volunteer service for local schools, community building projects or any cause they feel is worth pursuing.

While volunteer service embodies the core values of our CSR programme, we understand that impactful solutions require strong financial backing. Through our Broadridge Matching Gift Programme, we match the charitable donations of every part- and full-time Broadridge associate.

We partner with Business in the Community to review how we can become a more responsible business.

We work with local schools to raise the aspirations of girls and our employees provide mentors to both girls and parents.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Reducing our environmental impact

Consistent with the need for corporations to thoughtfully engage with the world around them, we strive to continually reduce our environmental impact through the efforts of our Broadridge Environmental Committee (BEC). While the BEC pursues numerous objectives, one particular area of recent focus has been in the reduction of paper waste — general strategies for which were recently discussed in an article published in Forbes by our Executive Chairman of the Board, Rich Daly.

Simple strategies, such as printers requiring codes to unlock print jobs, have significantly reduced the paper needed in our UK office.

Learn more about the latest developments in our ongoing CSR efforts by contacting us.

“We value our CSR efforts as win-win, the result being a stronger company, deepened relationships and a better world to live in.”
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