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About Broadridge

Environmental Policies and Framework

At Broadridge, sustainability is at the foundation of who we are and what we do. We are focused on mitigating our greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing waste, and spearheading awareness initiatives throughout our company and in our communities.

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At Broadridge, not only are we focused on reducing our own environmental footprint, but we also help to reduce our clients’ environmental footprint by driving digitization and reducing the volume of paper mail we process on their behalf. We help uncover opportunity—and manage risk—across the entire ESG landscape through our smart supply-chain management and ESG solutions.

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“At Broadridge, we see ESG not just as a corporate strategic or investment trend, but as the right thing to do – we strive to continuously pursue smart economic growth opportunities and execute them in alignment with reducing emissions for the sake of our associates, clients, investors and the communities where we work and live.”
Christopher J. Perry

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

We are all stewards of the environment and we take this responsibility seriously.

Capital Investments in Energy Use

In 2016, Broadridge made its first significant capital investment to decrease energy use from renewable sourcing by acquiring the El Dorado Hills printing production operation, which included a rooftop solar array and a natural gas fired cogeneration facility.

Through a Net Metering agreement with the local utility provider, Broadridge qualifies to export solar power back to the area’s energy grid and leverages recovered cogeneration waste heat energy for facility cooling, creating an opportunity to offset a significant amount of the facility’s annual utility requirements. By returning solar electricity to the grid and reducing electricity consumption from the utility provider, Broadridge realizes annual cost savings.

GHG Emissions Reduction Initiatives

Green Buildings

Our 605 Third Avenue, New York City office is located in a building that is certified LEED Gold and our Phoenix, Arizona office is certified LEED Silver. LEED is the leading program for green building certification worldwide. A study conducted for the U.S. Department of Energy shows that the average certified building has 34% lower CO2e emissions than a typical building. LEED-certified buildings are also less energy intensive, consume less water, and divert more waste than non-certified buildings. Our office located in Singapore is Green Mark Platinum certified. Similar to LEED certification, the Green Mark certification scheme is also a green building rating system designed to evaluate a building’s environmental impact and performance. Developed in Singapore by the Building and Construction Authority, it provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the environmental performance of new and existing buildings in order to promote sustainable design and best practices in construction and building operations.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Units

A consulting firm/HVAC vendors have worked with us to institute energy management systems to regulate the temperatures in our buildings and ensure that our HVAC systems operate efficiently. Now we pre-set parameters and institute program setbacks so that our systems power down or the heat/AC turns off in a building during certain times of the day or year. In the last several years we have replaced energy intensive HVAC units with high-efficiency HVAC units in all of our North American facilities where energy efficient and cost effective conditions prevail. These HVAC systems use about 15% less energy than the equipment they replaced.

Eco-Friendly Lighting Initiative

According to the United Nations, if people worldwide switched to energy-efficient light bulbs, it would save $120 billion annually. We have installed and are continuing to work on installing LED retrofit lighting at Broadridge’s major U.S. production sites. In addition, lighting occupancy sensors were installed in select Broadridge offices to save energy and reduce unnecessary use.

Net Zero Commitment

As part of our long-standing commitment to corporate sustainability, Broadridge is developing a plan to reach net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by the year 2050. Broadridge is planning to set a date at which it will achieve this goal, including a near-term target validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi), backed by a comprehensive approach to develop detailed emission reduction roadmaps. In May 2022 we committed to a Business Ambition of 1.5°C with SBTi. In order to meet this commitment, we plan to set a target by May 2024. We will reference the minimum specified rate by SBTi of 4.2% per year over the next five years, or an equivalent reduction in carbon intensity depending on the SBTi target approach we choose to adopt.

Environmental Reporting

We prioritize keeping our associates and our environment safe, and understand that transparency around our production facilities is key to this commitment. As the effects of climate change become more severe, we anticipate more stringent carbon-related regulations to be implemented, affecting our value chain of suppliers, clients and ourselves.

Environmental reporting encourages greater awareness of the impacts we make as a company. We view this awareness as the first step to minimizing our climate change risks. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest environmental, safety and protection standards, and we regularly disclose detailed information around GHG emissions and resource use at each of our production facilities.

See TCFD Scenario Analysis Opens in new window(PDF :KB)

We operate in compliance with all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency mandated reporting requirements at all of our production facilities. Broadridge also has a long-standing commitment to environmental reporting and issues an annual Carbon Disclosure Project Climate Change report (CDP Report).

See Our Current CDP ReportOpens in new window(PDF :KB)

Improving Our Industry’s Environmental Footprint

We strive to improve both our clients’ environmental footprints and our own through our client solutions, eco-conscious facility practices, supply-chain management, and community engagement.

As we all continue to face the threat of climate change, we at Broadridge are committed to helping our clients reduce their environmental impact. We have a responsibility to our clients and our industry to ensure the sustainable consumption and production of our products. Through our practices and our solutions, we strive to utilize natural resources in an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, and economically feasible way.

We are well positioned to lead in the connection between digital-first products and environmental sustainability. Our ever-expanding innovative products help our clients lower their environmental footprints within the traditional “take, make, and throw away” model in order to reduce waste and mitigate GHG emissions. We offer numerous e-delivery products that replace our paper communications as well as suppression methods that decrease mailed paper volumes. Our solutions, such as Virtual Shareholder Meetings, Digital Proxy, Regulatory Mutual Fund Communications, and the Broadridge Customer Communications Cloud, and digitization of processes resulting from shifts in the ways of working, promote sustainability within the linear supply chain model by reducing resource input and waste output.

Learn more about our digital and eco-friendly solutions and services.
Broadridge associates discussing eco-friendly solutions and services

Responsible and Eco-Friendly Supply Chain

We take pride in creating high-quality communications products that are safe and accessible for all, while simultaneously mitigating our environmental footprint throughout the supply chain. Not only do we hold ourselves accountable to environmental management principles, but also we expect our vendors to do the same. We use our position as a buyer to further our commitment to environmental responsibility and extend this focus to our vendors through our Vendor Code of Conduct.

Hazardous Materials Management

In accordance with OSHA, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regulations, we maintain and conduct annual reviews of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) at all our production facilities that include information on the properties of chemicals used in the applicable facility, the physical, health, environmental health hazards, protective measures, and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the applicable chemicals. We also conduct an annual review of our Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (S.P.C.C.) plan and have eyewash stations for emergency first-aid.

Responsible Paper Sourcing and Disposal

100% of the paper products we produce and sell are sourced from responsibly managed forests. Furthermore, we continually strive to print as many applications as possible on blank white paper stock, minimizing the need to utilize pre-printed paper stocks. This approach eliminates the need to transport paper to an offset printer/paper converter, which in turn reduces our carbon footprint.

Paper scraps and pre-consumer recycled waste is automatically extracted to the back of the facilities building where it is separated into waste streams. Most Broadridge printing facilities are also equipped with trim removal systems which are used to collect paper waste during the print and insert process. We further increase operational efficiencies and reduce emissions by separating blank from printed paper waste so our paper recycle partners do not have to run blank paper through the de-inking process.

Eco-Conscious Printing and Ink Usage

We continuously look to improve operational efficiencies while also reducing our carbon footprint. We do this by consistently seeking opportunities to upgrade older equipment with more efficient technology. For example, in recent years, we replaced nearly all of our continuous form toner-based printers with more energy efficient inkjet printers. Since inkjet printers have significantly more capacity than toner-based printers, we are able to produce more output with a smaller footprint. As a result of the use of inkjet technology, we now require less air conditioning capacity to cool the print rooms.

Most of our production printers use dye-based ink which requires less drying than other similar inks. Throughout the print process the drying portion is the most energy intensive, and the use of dye-based ink decreases our energy use. At Broadridge, we also work with our printer manufacturers to buy bulk ink in drums and pallet sized totes to minimize packaging waste and shipping which also helps us drive down our carbon footprint.

Recyclable Polywrap

Some of our proxy materials and other mailed packages are encased in recyclable polywrap. This packaging film is composed of 45% post-industrial recycled content. At the end of its product lifecycle, it can be recycled in any area accepting #4 plastics or in store drop-off locations.

Responsible E-Waste Disposal

For all of our U.S. printing facilities, we carry out responsible waste disposal in our information management by working with Iron Mountain. Iron Mountain is a trusted and responsible member of Broadridge's supply chain. Through their Asset Lifecycle Management solutions, we partner to divert e-waste and IT equipment from landfills which contributes to growing a circular economy. Iron Mountain's Secure IT Asset Disposition features the following:

  • Iron Mountain partners with certified Responsible Recycling (certified R2) and e-Stewards Electronics Recyclers
  • No e-waste is sent to landfills or overseas
  • Circular Economy: Remarketed assets securely wiped and given a second life; precious metals reclaimed

Electronics Procurement

Broadridge has been recognized for a second year as a EPEAT Purchaser Award winner, which celebrates leaders in sustainable electronics procurement. The award comes from the Global Electronics Council, the non-profit organization that manages the EPEAT ecolabel. EPEAT allows our organization to efficiently address the lifecycle impacts of the electronics we purchase, including computers, displays, and printers. These products are more energy-efficient, less toxic, longer-lasting, and easier to recycle than products that do not meet EPEAT criteria while addressing labor and human rights issues along the entire supply chain. Broadridge is proud to have received this recognition and is committed to the continued procurement of sustainable electronics.

Global Electronics Council Global Electronics Council

Eco-Friendly Building Interiors

Broadridge has partnered with a green furniture vendor, Waldner’s, to ensure our furniture is made from mostly recycled materials. Our facilities team also replaced standard carpeting with climate-neutral, sustainable, environmentally friendly carpeting on new construction and renovation projects. Eco-friendly carpet, ceiling tiles, and furniture have been installed at select Broadridge U.S. production sites.

Low-Impact Cleaning Products

In partnership with Broadridge vendors, we use GS-37 cleaning products for general-purpose, restrooms, counters, glass, mirrors and floors at all of Broadridge’s major U.S. production sites. These products are certified by Green Seal, which monitors product performance requirements as well as environmental and health considerations for vulnerable populations in schools, day-care facilities, nursing homes, and other institutional settings.

Recycling Programs

Broadridge has recycling initiatives with recycling and removal vendors to reuse and properly dispose of items at select locations, including fluorescent lightbulbs, batteries, toner cartridges, scrap metal, used oil and other materials. For example, our oil is sent to be re-refined, our burnt lamps, ballasts and the waste captured from microfiche film processing are recycled, and our scrap metal is sold for reuse. Associates can recycle their office and cafeteria products, including paper, printer cartridges, cans, bottles, and cardboard.

Associate Environmental Awareness Initiatives

Our best practices are cultivated in an environmentally conscious atmosphere. Our passionate associates promote education and awareness by providing peer engagement opportunities in environmental sustainability initiatives. In doing so, associates address environmental challenges that are important to our business, values and communities. These initiatives encourage responsible energy use and waste diversion in both our workplaces and our homes.

Broadridge associates engaging in environmental sustainability initiatives

BeGreen Associate Network

BeGreen is our Associate Network dedicated to environmental sustainability. BeGreen engages all Broadridge associates that care about the environment to incorporate sustainability and a green mindset into their lives. BeGreen aims to provide a forum for associates to educate, encourage, and empower one another and provide practical steps we can take as individuals and within our communities to improve our sustainability. Events which the group has or will be looking to spearhead range from educational climate change panels, tree planting and environmental clean-up events.

Responsible Energy Use

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: We have implemented electric vehicle charging stations at our Edgewood, Bangalore and El Dorado Hills offices and/or production sites.

Ride-Share Program: Our partnership with allows associates to sign up and find a commuting buddy in their area to travel to and from Broadridge workplaces. Any U.S.-based Broadridge associate is eligible to partake in our ride-share program. We also subsidize a vanpool program with Enterprise and offer free rideshare programs through 50 Corridor for our associates in our El Dorado Hills facility. Ride sharing reduces fossil fuel emissions and traffic congestion while providing alternative daily commuting options.

“Travel Smart” Parking: Associates who ride-share are also eligible to register for our Travel Smart parking program. Our carpooling program reserves premium parking spots for registered associates. Environmentally friendly cars, as designated by New York State regulations, may also park in these coveted spaces as another incentive for sustainable travel.


Gardens: Our volunteer-led community gardens began at our Edgewood, New York, site in 2013. The garden program allows associates to plant, tend, harvest, and donate fresh produce each summer to local hunger relief organizations. Broadridge associates maintain a second community garden at our South Windsor, Connecticut site where up to 100% of produce is donated. These gardens are both a means of giving back to our community and fostering a healthy and supportive work environment for our associates.

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