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About Broadridge

Social Policies and Framework

As a leading provider of technology, communications, and data and analytics solutions to businesses around the world, it is critical that Broadridge understands, embraces, and operates in a multicultural environment.

Every associate has unique strengths, which, when fully appreciated and embraced, allow them to perform at their best and contribute to Broadridge’s success.

Our goal is to ensure our associates at every level of the organization represent the diversity of the clients we serve and communities in which we work. By partnering with communities, providing educational opportunities in underserved areas, donating resources to charitable causes, and volunteering our time, we hope to strengthen our communities, protect their most vulnerable members, and share in collective success.

Our People

We are driven by the success of each of our associates, and we recognize that it is because of their talent, commitment, and hard work, that we continue to deliver outstanding results for our clients. We provide a workplace that fosters a collaborative and supportive culture where everyone feels welcomed, accepted, and empowered to do their best work.

At the center of our associate engagement efforts is the Service-Profit Chain, where engaged associates deliver world-class service, which creates satisfied clients and, in turn, produces strong, long-term value for stockholders.

“Broadridge has always recognized the direct connection between the engagement of our associates and their commitment to delivering outstanding service to our clients. That is why one of our top priorities is to continue building on our strong culture and creating a workplace environment where the best talent in our industry can grow and thrive in their careers. ”
Richard Stingi

Human Capital Management

Our human capital strategies are developed and managed by our Chief Human Resources Officer, who reports to the Chief Executive Officer, and are overseen by the Company’s Board of Directors (Board) and the Compensation Committee of the Board. Our Board believes that human capital management and succession planning are vital to our success. The Board annually reviews the Company’s leadership bench and succession planning. In addition, the Board receives regular updates on talent and other human capital matters such as culture, attrition and retention, and quarterly updates on our progress on our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and practices, including an annual update from our Chief Diversity Officer. The Compensation Committee’s oversight includes initiatives and programs that concern our culture, talent, recruitment, retention and associate engagement.

Associate Engagement

We regularly conduct surveys and focus groups to assess associate engagement and determine if and how perspectives have changed over time. For example, we conduct an annual associate engagement survey through the Great Place to Work® program. Our surveys and focus groups allow our associates to share their views on our workplace and the importance of various aspects of work life, among other topics. The themes and insights are shared with our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and have been instrumental in shaping our approach to planning for the future of our workplace.

See Our Great Place to Work Awards

Connected Workplace

We designed a flexible Connected Workplace model largely based on feedback received from associate surveys and focus groups. Insights from these efforts have informed the way Broadridge supported associates during the global pandemic and continues to support our associates through our evolving workplace experience. With the right combination of in-office education, collaboration, mentorship, and career development, we have been able to achieve presence with purpose. Better and more effective collaboration and communication is key to our success in driving innovation and business results – and embracing this new way of working will help ensure the success of our associates and Broadridge as a whole.

Our Commitment to Associates

You with FACS

  • Flexible - Flexible On/Off-Site Work, Schedule Adjustments
  • Accountable - Client-First Focus, CSR and DEI, Focus on Outcomes
  • Connected - Strong Working Relationships, Global Collaboration
  • Supported - Personal and Professional, Development, Healthy Work Environment and Well-Being


Enabling better financial lives by powering investing, governance and communications.

Service-Profit chain

  • Engaged Associates
  • Satisfied clients
  • Profitability and Growth


  • Client CENTRIC


Connected Workplace: Guiding Principles


  • Flex for Next - Associates work flexibly to leverage the benefits of both onsite and offsite work.
  • Tailored Workplace - Provide a menu of options, including dedicated workspaces, hoteling space, and pop-up collaboration sites.
  • Technology and Tools - Offer solutions that create a level playing field for onsite and offsite collaboration.
  • Help - Deploy change management, training, and support for associates at all levels to understand how to excel in the new environment.
  • Safety - Maintain safety protocols until objective criteria are met; provide testing and promote vaccination efforts.
  • Trust - We trust associates to work in support of Broadridge’s best interests; we will measure performance on output and impact.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are dedicated to fostering a diverse, equitable, inclusive and healthy environment. As a leading provider of technology, communications, and data and analytics solutions to businesses around the world, it is critical that we understand, embrace, and operate in a multicultural environment. Every associate has unique strengths, which, when fully appreciated and embraced, enable individuals to perform at their best, leading to our success.

“At Broadridge, we understand the work that we are doing around diversity, equity and inclusion is imperative to our business, but even more critical to the world we live in. We promote a culture where associates can have their voices heard and feel respected and included, and we are working diligently to foster an environment where all identities and perspectives are valued and celebrated.”

Learn more about our DEI framework, oversight and initiatives

See our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy Opens in new window(PDF :KB)

Naadia Y. Burrows

Oversight and Strategy of Diversity

Our goal is to ensure our associates at every level of the organization represent the diversity of the clients we serve and the communities in which we work. We pursue both top-down and bottom-up approaches to advancing DEI initiatives and values as part of our culture. 

We have a Chief Diversity Officer, whose role is to design and implement a holistic diversity, equity and inclusion strategy, and partner with our business units to develop the resources and competencies needed to drive this strategy. Our Chief Diversity Officer is a member of our ELT as well as the Executive Diversity Council (EDC). In those roles, they provide regular updates to our Chief Executive Officer and ELT. In addition, the Chief Diversity Officer serves as an advisor on global initiatives, such as our Associate Networks and our recruitment and compliance efforts. The Chief Diversity Officer is also responsible for building cross-company resources to enable sharing of insights and best practices.

Chaired by our President, our EDC represents all regions where we do business and our Associate Networks. Our EDC meets quarterly and provides insight and recommendations on critical DEI-related opportunities and challenges. The EDC is also responsible for measuring our progress against our goals.

The Compensation Committee of our Board has oversight over human capital management matters, including initiatives and programs that concern our culture, talent, recruitment, retention and associate engagement. In addition, our Chief Human Resources Officer and/or Chief Diversity Officer report to our Board periodically on our initiatives and progress on DEI practices. The Board annually reviews the Company’s executive talent, including the Company’s leadership bench and succession planning.

The following chart illustrates the key elements of developing and promoting the systematic implementation, monitoring and managing of our DEI strategy:

Sustainability Elements

  • INTEGRATION - Implement practices, policies, and expectations that incentivize advancing DEI.
  • COMMUNICATION - Incorporate technology and utilize a variety of communication methods and strategies to timely and effectively engage internally and externally.
  • BRANDING - Creatively connect internal experiences and efforts with our external philanthropic and community engagement to tell our DEI and ESG stories.
  • BENCHMARKING - Internal/external targets regularly reported against and reviewed with EDC, ELT and our board of directors.
  • MEASUREMENT - Track programs and activities to effectively measure progress over time against internal goals and external benchmarks.

Commitment to Diversity

To further our commitment to DEI, our ELT has taken prominent steps. Broadridge joined The Board Challenge as a Charter Partner, a movement to accelerate the pace of change by working together, calling for action, and sharing best practices to increase Black board membership. As an organization that already has several Black board members, Broadridge has pledged to support the goal of true and full representation on all boards of directors, and to support and encourage the broader corporate community to accelerate these important changes.

Our commitment to developing a diverse workforce is also evidenced by the fact that every year the human capital goals of our Chief Executive Officer’s annual cash incentive award contain a component based on increasing executive diversity. In addition, Broadridge includes annual diversity, equity and inclusion goals in the performance reviews for our executive officers and ELT members.

The DEI Policy and Broadridge Inclusiveness Pledge outline the strategic principles that guide our commitment to DEI. Furthermore, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics reflect the belief that DEI in our workforce are central to business excellence. 

Diverse Representation and Recruitment

Fostering a diverse workforce requires action and commitment. We have a clear roadmap to meet our diversity goals and provide opportunities for new and existing associates. This includes following a standard set of criteria and reviewing policies and procedures to mitigate bias and grow a diverse talent pool. By hiring and promoting qualified candidates from a variety of historically underrepresented backgrounds—such as women, people of color, those in the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, and veterans—we create an environment that allows everyone to perform at their best.

We have made a commitment in this area by holding our teams accountable in the following ways:

  • Executive candidates should be interviewed by a diverse set of individuals
  • Open executive roles should have a diverse group of qualified candidates for hiring consideration
  • A standard set of criteria and review processes have been developed to lessen bias
  • Broadridge ensures equal opportunity for all and prioritizes creating diverse talent pipelines, particularly within the executive ranks

University engagement is also a key part of Broadridge’s approach to DEI, and Broadridge’s talent acquisition team actively seeks out talent that will bring new energy, thinking and experiences to the Company. Broadridge participates in diversity days across a number of U.S. academic institutions and has made it a priority to recruit at schools with a diverse representation of talent.

Associate Networks

Broadridge supports a number of associate-led networks where associates with similar backgrounds and interests can find peer support, shape company policy and culture, receive mentorship from senior members, and develop their careers. While each associate network has a specific focus, membership is open to everyone at Broadridge.

  • B.PRIDE - Proud + You = Broadridge
  • DEAN - Disability Equity Associate Network
  • LFN - Lead For Next
  • MCAN - MultiCultural Associate Network
  • WLF - Women’s Leadership Forum

Learn more about our Associate Networks

Supplier Diversity

Our mission is to do business with diverse entrepreneurs, as well as mission-driven enterprises. We aim to ensure that our procurement process remains transparent, objective and non-discriminatory in the selection of suppliers.

Broadridge is a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women, as well as the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), the longest-operating growth engine for the broadest group of systematically excluded communities of color.


Learn more about our supplier diversity

Talent and Development

We believe that our associates are among our most important assets. Our talent acquisition mission is to identify, attract and on-board talented individuals into our business to efficiently and effectively meet our ever growing and dynamic business needs. Encouraging professional development enhances the value associates bring, contributes to their engagement, and is a core part of our culture. Broadridge recognizes that developing and maintaining a diverse workforce with individuals from all backgrounds, experiences, and identities is critical to our continued growth and success.

Our global talent strategy extends across five pillars:


A strong brand that highlights our associate value proposition with the Company’s values, culture, and benefits.


A recruitment process that assesses candidates’ skills, experience, and fit with the Company’s culture and values.


Provide ongoing training and development opportunities to enhance associates’ skills and knowledge. Create personalized development and targeted plans for each associate that align with their career goals and the Company’s strategic objectives.


A comprehensive retention strategy that includes a supportive work environment, and opportunities for career advancement. Conduct regular performance reviews and provide constructive feedback to associates to keep them engaged and motivated.

Succession Planning

Talent pipelines to ensure that the Company has the necessary skills and expertise to meet future challenges.

Ethical Standards and Compliance Training

Broadridge provides all associates with six mandatory ethics and compliance training courses annually. Courses cover the following: Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Security Awareness Fundamentals, Anti–Harassment and Discrimination, Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management, and Global Privacy. Certain additional annual training such as Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Antitrust, Anti-Money Laundering, and Transfer Agent Compliance training is required for specific groups depending on their job functions and location.

Broadridge University

Broadridge University is key to a successful business path. More than just a learning management hub, it offers a comprehensive suite of online courses, virtual and on-site training and leadership programs, such as peer groups, that promote professional development and leadership skills. This global business toolkit also gives participants an opportunity to keep apprised of the Company’s ethics and compliance requirements, learn new skills and competencies, develop core talents, and expand areas of expertise.

Learning and Development

Broadridge provides educational opportunities, including formal classes, training programs and events. To enable learning in our Connected Workplace where associates may be working on-site, off-site, or using a hybrid model, Broadridge has redesigned all global development programs for 100% virtual delivery. Our associates have access to thousands of online courses covering business, leadership, technical, and function-specific topics through our eLearning Curriculum and LinkedIn Learning partnership. We also partner with Intuition to make available hundreds of financial services industry tutorials. Through our partnership with ExecOnline, we offer career-enhancing programs from top business schools to Broadridge leaders.

As a Fintech leader in our industry, we empower associates to learn and grow as subject matter experts in the financial markets. In turn, this enables associates to offer clients deep expertise, and adds value to their own career development and skillsets.

Learn more about our Learning and Development Programs Opens in new window(PDF :KB)

Leadership Academy

We strive to foster an environment that supports career enrichment and leadership development opportunities. Encouraging and rewarding professional development is a core part of our culture and our annual goal-setting process, which are dedicated to investing in our most important asset.

With the right tools, we believe that our associates can accomplish anything. Individual growth and success as an associate come with regular professional learning. These opportunities ensure that our associates are motivated and will be able to make lasting contributions to Broadridge, our clients and, most importantly, themselves.

Talent Acceleration Program

The Talent Acceleration Program is designed to assist associates with their career development through cross-functional team projects, developmental experiences, and cross-business networking opportunities. The curriculum allows them to develop comprehensive business knowledge, advanced leadership competencies, strategic planning capabilities, and cross-functional teamwork skills. Associates gain access to a broad network of resources and accelerate their potential to reach their leadership and career aspirations.

Leading People: Foundations

The Leading People: Foundations program is for our associates who are new to management. This program accelerates manager development, associate engagement, and the ability to leverage a team to deliver business results. Active participation in this global curriculum facilitates global leader connection and collaboration between business units and geographies, enhancing our vibrant leadership culture.

Leading People: Advanced

Associates already serving as managers have access to our Leading People: Advanced program which supports the continued development of essential leadership skills such as aligning their team to Broadridge’s business strategy, thinking critically about business problems, and developing adaptive and inclusive teams. The curriculum is refreshed annually to support experienced frontline leaders in navigating successfully the challenges they face.

Individual Contributor Leadership

The Individual Leadership program helps individual contributors enhance the skills that lead to greater professional influence and performance. The curriculum includes emotional intelligence, cross-cultural communication, inclusion, connectedness, and tips to sustain a high level of engagement.

Dynamic Leadership Development through Peer Groups

Across our organization—spanning all positions and locations worldwide—our executive leaders and associates are a dedicated, dynamic, highly skilled, and fully engaged team. All Broadridge leaders belong to peer groups that meet eight times per year to explore leadership topics and share their personal leadership experiences and best practices for creating an inclusive and engaging workplace.

Technology Academy

Broadridge is proud to offer our technology associates with resources to supplement their career journeys – including a skills inventory to identify strengths and new opportunities.

In addition, our Technology Skills Development is a transparent process that allows associates to grow as technology experts and leaders in the organization. This framework provides a comprehensive system of elements to help our associates grow and develop in their careers as information technology professionals and enhances global talent mobility by creating leadership exposure for future opportunities. It also provides assistance in attaining higher levels of technical proficiency and overall career development. The framework includes a large-scale technology skills inventory, a library of thousands of courses and skill assessments through our partnership with Udemy, and support in preparing for the Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP®) examination.

Partnerships for Development of Diverse Talent

To improve our pipeline of diverse talent and commitment to education for at-risk youth, in 2021, Broadridge launched a new U.S. partnership with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. We provide professional development workshops, mentoring and internships to students at select Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Predominately Black Institutions.

Additionally, in order to continue building a foundation of inclusivity at Broadridge, we partner with non-profits like NPower and the All Stars Project on internship programs, to help set the stage for youth to learn and grow. Through our Management Trainee and Career Foundations Programs, Broadridge trains and develops college graduates to promote the next generation of leaders.

The Women’s Bond Club Rising Star Award

The Women’s Bond Club (WBC) focuses on the advancement of women in financial services. Through programs like the Rising Star Awards, the WBC helps cultivate the next generation of female leaders who will shape the industry. Each Rising Star is recognized for their exemplary leadership qualities in their professional roles and commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. As a Corporate Member Firm, Broadridge nominates a WBC Rising Star each year to honor an emerging leader and recognize their accomplishments in the financial services industry.

Nicsa Rising Star

Nicsa’s Diversity Project North America (DPNA) is committed to providing mentorship, networking, and career development opportunities to diverse, aspiring leaders in the asset management industry. The Rising Star Program is a meaningful way to celebrate and cultivate the next generation of diverse leaders, and provides nominated Broadridge associates with coaching, leadership training, and invitations to industry roundtable discussions.

Performance Management Process

A key component of associate development at Broadridge is the performance management process, which empowers associates to manage their performance and build their careers.

Our framework helps associates maximize the value they bring each day to work, and helps them thrive and grow in their careers. We value goal-setting, developing skills, exceeding expectations of our shareholders, and measuring impact and accomplishments. Through our performance management process, Broadridge advances our practices and improves leadership accountability surrounding the performance appraisal and feedback process.

Associate Compensation, Benefits and Health and Wellness

In addition to competitive compensation and other incentive programs, Broadridge offers a broad selection of benefits as part of our total rewards package to support our associates at every stage of life and career. Our flexible and high-value benefit options are designed to promote physical, emotional, social, and financial well-being—at home and at work.

This includes healthcare and insurance benefits, health savings accounts, pretax commuter benefits or green transport tax savings programs, life and disability insurance, business travel accident insurance, charitable gift matching, and on-site health centers at certain locations.

Our top priority is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our associates. We continuously improve our processes and promote the comprehensive safety of our work sites. Additionally, we take proactive measures to provide support that focuses on managing and improving health and wellness.

Services include online health assessment tools, digital health coaching support, medical decision support tools, chronic disease management tools and programs, and wellness discount programs. See also “Health and Safety Policies and Programs” below.

Employee Assistance Program

Through professional counselors, this service provides confidential off-site counseling to associates and their dependents for problems such as substance abuse, marital difficulties, parent/child conflicts, and many other areas of concern. The program also provides qualified referrals and resources for finding child and elder care, legal consultations, financial resources, as well as articles, podcasts, videos and on-demand trainings to support associate well-being.

Time Off and Leave Benefits

In addition to vacation, sick time, and personal floating holidays, Broadridge offers a comprehensive time off and leave program to ensure associates have the flexibility they need to care for planned and unplanned life events. The program includes, but is not limited to, Flexible Paid Time Off, Volunteer Time, Bereavement, Disaster Leave, Jury Duty, Voting Time, FMLA, Domestic Partner Caregiver Leave, Short and Long-Term Disability, Parental Leave, Military Duty Leave, and Personal Leave. For example, Broadridge provides all eligible U.S. associates with nine weeks of paid new parent leave for any birth, finalized adoption, or foster care placement.

Back-up Care

Eligible U.S. associates can access 20 annual days of back-up child, adult, or elder care per family member at subsidized rates. New parents have an extra 15 days of subsidized child care in the first year following birth or adoption.

Tax-advantaged Accounts

U.S. associates can contribute pre-tax dollars to a Health Savings Account or Health Care Flexible Spending account to set aside funds to pay for eligible health care expenses. Broadridge will make a contribution to these accounts as well. Associates can also contribute pre-tax dollars to a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account to pay for eligible dependent care expenses.

Scholarship Program

Each year, in association with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, Broadridge sponsors a college scholarship program for qualified, high-achieving college-bound students who are the children of U.S. associates.

Commitment to Fair Wages

We are committed to paying a fair wage for our hourly associates, which starts with our $15 minimum wage in the U.S.

Tuition Reimbursement

Regular full-time U.S. associates are eligible for reimbursement of tuition costs up to $5,250 per year.

Health and Safety Policies and Programs

We are committed to providing a safe workplace and we continuously strive to meet or exceed all laws, regulations and accepted practices pertaining to workplace safety. We have developed extensive safety policies, standards and procedures to which all associates are required to comply and which all outside vendors and contractors are required to follow.

Our policies are based on both U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards and site-specific guidelines to ensure that associates work in a safe and healthy environment. We also have full-time dedicated safety managers at certain locations to ensure protocol compliance and protection.

The Broadridge Corporate Safety Management Program sets forth our safety procedures and policies covering our North American production facilities. The program provides annual safety training for all facility employees and monthly inspections and audits of all our facility sites. In addition, all safety-related incidents are tracked by our data management system.

Our rigorous approach to health and safety is ingrained in our culture and mandates safety training personalized to specific roles and responsibilities. We leverage technology to deliver effective training programs and ensure accurate and responsive tracking, including a standardized database with regulatory safety processes.

At our larger production facilities and certain other locations, we house on-site wellness centers staffed with physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who provide a wide variety of medical services at no cost to our associates. We provide care for acute illness and injuries, preventive care, and management of chronic diseases. Furthermore, we offer health webinars covering a wide variety of topics, including work-life balance.

Health Care Transportation & Lodging Benefits

At Broadridge, our top priority has always been the health and safety of our associates. We also remain committed to cultivating a culture of inclusion, where all associates are treated equitably and with respect. Our U.S. benefits offering currently includes travel allowances for certain types of health care. To ensure all associates have the ability to get the care they need, our medical plan covers certain travel-related expenses necessary for plan participants to receive covered health services if access to such in-network care is not available within 100 miles of the plan participant’s home.

Mental Health Programs

We have implemented several programs to help our associates with mental health matters, including the following:

  • An Employee Assistance Program through which our associates have access to free counseling and other services
  • Webinars on various mental health topics throughout the year and virtual meditation and yoga classes bimonthly
  • An increased number of emergency backup care services for our U.S. associates
  • An associate-led network, the Disability Equity Associate Network (DEAN), sponsored by the CHRO, that has a focus on mental health support and serves as another resource for associates in relation to mental health

Our Communities

We believe that no one achieves success on their own, which is why we have created a culture at Broadridge to empower others to achieve more—whether business partners or underserved communities where we work and live.

We strive to provide each of our associates with the tools they need to contribute to the issues that matter to them through our Volunteer Time Off and Matching Gift Program. In addition, our Broadridge Foundation focuses on providing resources that can further the education of at-risk youth. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Yet, for far too many youth around the world, gaining access to a basic education is challenging— even impossible. Broadridge is committed to changing that reality. Over the years, we have expanded our reach to include social justice and other humanitarian efforts.

Learn more about the Broadridge Foundation and the work in our communities
Broadridge associates providing food and supplies to schools

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