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Our client increased organic traffic by 94%. Learn five SEO strategies that produce real results.

Investors are turning to the Web to search for and choose financial advisors. With proper search engine optimization (SEO) enhancements, you can capture this traffic to build your firm’s lead pipeline. This creates a solid foundation for digital discoverability, which you can further enhance with paid search and digital advertising.


Broadridge implemented SEO strategies for a major U.S. wealth firm from October 2019 through February 2020, creating a noticeable increase in quality traffic for its field.

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Broadridge implements these SEO strategies to drive more traffic to financial professionals’ websites.

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1. Build with modern web architecture

Your site needs a solid foundation to achieve discoverability. The Broadridge website platform uses technical best practices for SEO, including fast loading pages, HTTPS for security and more.

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2. Ensure web pages are found by Google

It’s imperative that the search giant and other engines can index your web pages. Broadridge best practices include XML sitemaps, crawlable navigation and proper HTTPS status codes.

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3. Optimize web content

Drive more traffic with optimized content that includes keywords with business intent. Broadridge optimizes content with metadata, headings, page copy, schema mark-up and more.

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4. Optimize websites for social media search

Social media platforms help discoverability – if web pages are appropriately tagged. Broadridge incorporates open graph (OG) and Twitter tags, so pages shared on social platforms get found.

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5. Stay on top

SEO is an ongoing feat. Broadridge consistently updates its best practices to keep up with the ever-changing algorithmic shifts by Google and others to ensure client pages are easily found.

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Partner with Broadridge, the expert in financial marketing. Our powerful Website Manager platform combines the latest digital best practices with a streamlined compliance review and easy site management, empowering advisors and other financial professionals to build and manage a website that drives qualified traffic and converts more prospects.

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