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Case Study

Accelerating Digital Transformation With a Scalable Website Program

Case study: Broadridge Website Manager.

As wealth managers accelerate their technological transformation, the demand for financial professionals and agents to have their own digital presence is heating up. But developing marketing personas for financial professionals can be hampered by insufficient technology that restrains website templates and online applications from being continually refreshed. For one U.S.-based wealth management firm, it was time to find a more flexible, scalable solution.

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The Challenge

Using its current website development system, the firm would be required to deploy substantial resources for extensive development work each time new digital templates were created. The firm needed a scalable website development program for its home office and financial professionals that would offer:

  • Uniqueness: A customized website for each financial professional
  • Modern design: With visuals that encourage engagement and interactivity
  • Cost savings: Optimized cost ownership, including savings gained by new template development efficiencies
  • Oversight: Program management–level compliance and branding responsibility
  • Accessibility: Digital content accessible to individuals of all abilities
  • Flexibility: Home office oversight while allowing financial professionals to maintain their own sites

The Solution

The firm’s management was committed to selecting a single, holistic website platform built on a flexible application that would provide professionals and clients with abundant resources — both digital and human.

Its search for a scalable website template program that it wouldn’t outgrow led the firm to Broadridge Website Manager, a website management engine backed by the knowledge and experience of Broadridge.

With Website Manager capabilities and expert consultation from the Broadridge team, the firm could establish a new website program to deliver an engaging, consistently branded presence to its primary constituencies:

  • Clients who benefit from access to a robust array of digital services and information, as well as access to expert guidance of financial professionals
  • Financial professionals who require access to the technology to communicate targeted messages that introduce new prospects to their professional capabilities and experience
  • Home office managers who need to monitor activity and expenses through dashboards that provide compliance oversight, content controls and analytical summaries of each professional’s activities

The Result

Website Manager gave the firm administrative control to provide timely, targeted content featured on its financial professionals’ sites, along with strong branding and high-quality design standards. The firm succeeded in equipping their financial professionals with an optimal way to “keep it personal,” while growing their businesses at a digital distance.

And thanks to Broadridge’s established website transition process, project initiation to website production happened in less than five months.

Broadridge Website Manager Implementation Process

  • Weekly check-ins: Progress overviews and periodic meetings keep home office users and their Broadridge team on the same page every day
  • New templates: Robust, new scalable templates replace a firm’s legacy content and use a modern design that is unique and easy to navigate
  • Compliance control and management oversight: Each firm gains a robust menu of management tools for monitoring website content
  • E-boots “on-the-ground”: Broadridge consultants provide the collaborative digital and content expertise where and when a firm’s team needs it most

Is Your Current Website a Growth Engine?

Seventy-seven percent of financial professionals report lost business due to underperforming technology tools – don’t let your website program be one of them. Does your current website program check these boxes?

Our integrated, holistic website strategy is a primary contributor to the success of our financial professionals and client-acquisition efforts.

Our IT, Marketing and Operations teams are realizing better economies of scale through increased buying power on a single platform.

We can seamlessly plug into powerful integrations and leverage marketing automation to drive adoption at both the client and financial professional level.

With websites branded to our firm and co-branded to each of our financial professionals, our program gives us the oversight we need to optimize our financial professionals’ communications effectiveness, and it enhances our website program via content and discoverability strategies.

Our financial professionals are learning how to become “instant thought leaders” thanks to our provider’s vast library of original, FINRA-reviewed content.

With their own unique dashboards, our financial professionals can select which content to message from an extensive selection of planning themes, investment ideas and client reminders.

Our financial professionals have been building new business by using targeted and data-driven techniques to help engage, foster and convert new leads.

Our data analytics are letting us know which content our financial professionals are utilizing, what types of engagement events are happening on the sites, and how we stack up against our peers.

If you check fewer than six boxes, consider exploring Broadridge Website Manager.

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