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Deepen Advisor Relationships

Three essential steps to reach advisors more effectively.

Advisor needs are rapidly evolving. Asset managers must take their next best action now to deepen relationships with advisors. Three steps are essential to streamlining advisor targeting—adding value beyond your product offerings. These recommendations are sourced from our latest report, The Retail Distribution Playbook.

Step 1   |   Target your ideal advisor

Segmenting and targeting advisors can be complex. Harnessing data and KPIs can help streamline the process. Effective data analysis will illuminate advisor behavior and performance patterns to inform your strategy.

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Step 2   |   Customize the advisor journey

Overcome barriers to reaching advisors by designing a better journey for them. Data-driven prospecting is the smarter way to bridge the gap and reach advisors who are accessible primarily through digital and social channels. Depend more heavily on marketing to help communicate the right information at the right time to achieve cost effectiveness and drive scale.

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Step 3   |   Understand investor behavior and trends

Investor demand is fueling a new product mix while investor behavior is changing the way advisors interact with their clients. Both are important trends for asset managers to understand, so you can evaluate product lineups and create distribution strategies that will work for your firm, your targeted advisors and their investor clients.

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Download our latest white paper, The Retail Distribution Playbook, for deeper insights. This paper delivers unique, data-driven insights and outlines the seven actions that distribution leaders can take now to build a more profitable future.

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