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Multi-asset Post Trade Processing

Benefit from an agile, smart, simple solution

Simplify post-trade processing with a next-generation, unified solution, across multiple asset classes, markets, currencies and business entities. Gain transformative advantages by streamlining your post-trade operations from trade capture through clearance and settlement to books and records.

Transform post-trade processing with one platform, one view, one experience

Standardize operations across multiple markets and asset classes, including equity, fixed income, foreign exchange, money market, exchange-traded derivatives and securities finance.

Matching and Confirmation
Clearance and Settlement
Asset Servicing
Books and Records
Regulatory Reporting

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Data Fabric

  • Aggregates your post-trade processing transactional data from Broadridge and third party systems
  • Supports structured and unstructured data for effective data management
  • Enables a comprehensive view of financials and risks

Global Position Manager

  • Provides a real-time view of a firm's settled and unsettled trades and positions across all its entities globally
  • Supports mission-critical goals of securities financing and collateral management

Global P&L

  • Calculates P&L for multiple asset classes consistently across global positions
  • Provides a single view of a firm's realized and unrealized P&L
  • Supports consolidated financial management

Global Sub-Ledger

  • Delivers a consolidated sub-ledger
  • Reduces the risk and efforts associated with integrating multiple sub-ledgers with a corporate general ledger

Global Post Trade Management

Watch how Broadridge's Global Post Trade Management solution enables agile business growth.

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