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Designing Better Customer Communication Experiences

The second in a series of three posts sharing tips and considerations for improving the customer experience.

Designing Better Customer Communication Experiences

In my previous article, I shared how gathering perspectives is the first step to creating better customer communication experiences. The second step is to revisit the design of your communications – and the perspectives and feedback you gathered in step 1 will certainly be beneficial. 

Your organization may be at the point where you are looking to truly reimagine your communications and start a comprehensive redesign initiative from a blank canvas, but, at a smaller scale, you can start with a specific communication that is lacking from a design perspective. A common offender for many companies is their “your statement is ready” notification. Often times, this customer communication does not reflect the brand; it includes plain text, all caps, and generally feels disconnected from the rest of the communications the company sends.  Another strategy is to start with a communication that has less “red tape” associated with it in order to improve the design faster.

When you embark on your redesign, consider the top customer feedback themes from our 2019 CX and Communications annual survey.

Communications that enhance the customer experience

After you redesign the communication, it’s important to test it and apply key learnings. We often conduct A/B testing for our clients, monitoring the success of messaging, imagery and formatting of one communication versus another. We then test, adjust and retest.

When undergoing a communication redesign, it’s important to consider channels in the early stages. For example, if you are working on a print redesign, ask yourself "How would the digital complement look?"  According to our 2019 CX and Communications annual survey, 69% of consumers said they would be more likely to convert their remaining paper communications to paperless if the digital experience was more engaging. Many of our clients have applied some of their print savings to an enhanced digital interactive communication, supporting the print-to-digital transition.

Whether it’s print or digital, success can be measured by the value and interactions your customers have with their newly designed communications.

View our on-demand webinar to discover 3 Practical Steps to Better Customer Communication Experiences.