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CX and Communication Insights from the Experts

The first in a series of two posts with insights from communication experts across industries and disciplines.

CX and Communication Insights from the Experts

Communication experts, Thomas Klemm from Deutsche Bank, Melanie Wells from Empower, and Chris Nicholson from mPulse Mobile, joined our recent webinar, CX and Communications in 2020: Experts Weigh In.

They shared their perspectives on prioritizing CX, monetizing digital disruption, measuring communication success, and creating a customer-centric corporate culture with moderator Rob Krugman, Chief Digital Officer at Broadridge.

Their insights and experiences may help inform your CX and communications strategy. Listen to the on-demand webinar where they answer these questions:

Question Timestamp
What are some of your biggest customer experience priorities? 2:00
How is digital impacting your customer relationships? 7:15
What KPIs are you using to measure digital customer experience success? 12:15
Is CX driven across the entire organization or does each part of the organization treat it separately? 22:35
Do you see tension between marketing and operations or front and back offices, and how are you solving for them? 29:30

Find out the panel’s thoughts on impactful communication channels, emerging technologies, privacy regulations, and the future of CX and communications in our second article or watch our on-demand webinar now.