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A Day in the Life of an Asset Management Marketer

How a fully integrated approach to content management and distribution can give you your day back.

A Day in the Life of an Asset Management Marketer

As a marketer, you’re often responsible for managing the content your sales teams use to generate sales and engage customers. So, you know the day-to-day tasks of management and distribution can be tedious and time-consuming — even making the smallest revision. For too many firms, the typical exchange may go something like this:

Compliance: “I need to change a disclosure on a sales flyer.” 

Marketing: "OK, where do I find it?" 

Operations: “There's an Excel spreadsheet saved on the shared drive that one of our interns is maintaining.” 

Marketing: “I need the actual print file." 

Operations: "I don't have the print file." 

Marketing: "Can you go to our agency and see if they have the print file that was originally created? Oh, and I need this for a trade show.” 

Operations: “I’ll email the person who manages our trade shows and ask her how many copies she needs.” 

Events Team: “We need 25 copies.”

You update the collateral spreadsheet on the shared drive and open a new ticket with graphic design to update the file that you chased down from the agency. Three rounds of reviews and revisions later, the process is still far from over.

Now you must save the updated flyer on the company website, your CRM platform and the shared collateral spreadsheet. Then, printing it requires you to open a separate spreadsheet, fill out a print request and email it to the print facility. You do so, and the print facility responds that you filled out the form incorrectly. So, you update it, get the print file from graphic design and send it to the print shop.

Once the updated trade show flyers are printed, you check to make sure they were delivered to the trade show manager, who responds no and asks for a tracking number, which you don’t have.

You email the print shop and they say they’ll get back to you. Two hours later, they tell you who signed for them and where the materials are located.

Whew! The task is now complete. Wait, doesn’t that disclosure need to be changed on three other flyers and five fact sheets?

Make your day more productive 

This may not be your exact process, but it demonstrates how maintaining and distributing marketing and sales content is often hindered and made more costly by manual processes. At some point, you need to ask yourself why you are spending so many hours completing a task that could take just minutes? 

In our example, think about the time spent tracking down, updating, storing, printing and delivering content. Add in the time of the marketing, operations, events, graphic design and other teams typically involved in the process. Not to mention, the compliance person who made the simple, yet technically complicated, request. 

Today, there are a lot of solutions to help streamline the creation, update and distribution of content. Yet many improve the process for a single function, like web content management or digital sales enablement. At Broadridge, we take a more holistic view of the sales and marketing content management process, from creating and updating materials to distributing them physically or digitally. 

Imagine changing one sentence in numerous files by simply logging in, finding the latest version, revising it and pushing it into both digital and physical production — all with just a few clicks. And, instead of emails or phone calls, ordering and tracking materials sent to a conference or event quickly via a user-friendly interface. This saves you and all people involved precious time. It also completely streamlines your process, enabling teams across your organization to complete tasks efficiently so they can spend more time on their core responsibilities and help drive better business outcomes. 

With a fully integrated content management and distribution solution, equipped with both digital and print capabilities, marketers are empowered to create, update and distribute meeting materials, sales kits and conference assets essential to your clients – all with a few keystrokes. 

Now that’s a great day.

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