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Case Study

Streamline Content Management and Distribution

ContentHub: Easily share sales and marketing content, on demand, digitally or in print. All from one, secure location.

Streamline Content Management and Distribution

A midsized asset management firm struggled with rising costs and new regulations. Sales teams were circulating out-of-date material and printing expenses and inventory management costs were growing.

The firm replaced their multiple content distribution and ordering platforms with ContentHub and its print-on-demand (POD) capabilities. Within a year, the firm increased the POD catalog from 12% to 49% by converting 260 items. These included nearly 150 color fact sheets and fund profiles, various forms and approximately 100 summary prospectuses. During the same period, the firm decreased warehouse fees (storage, disposal and receipt fees) by 42%, resulting in $50,000+ annual savings. In addition to greater efficiency and cost-savings, ContentHub enabled a more efficient custom kitting process and better user experience for the sales team.