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Broadridge Advisor Solutions has been a great partner for my practice over the last few years. I went independent more than a year ago, and I made sure to take Broadridge with me. Broadridge handles my website, my monthly newsletter distribution, as well as search engine optimization. I have enjoyed that it has been a one-stop shop for me and my clients to receive constant, personalized information.

I didn’t get in this business to navigate my compliance department all day. I got in this business to help my clients and turn prospects into clients. Broadridge can handle 80%, if not more, of my annual marketing plan. The entire process has been turnkey. Time is valuable, and Broadridge has saved me time and added value to my practice, and more importantly, my client experience. Also, the people that you work with at Broadridge are great people who know what they are doing and easy to deal with. The money spent and the time saved have been well worth it.

Lastly, seminars seem to be easier to put on when everything is in one place and already compliance approved. Broadridge has more approved seminars available then I can do in a year. The materials are clean, neat, and easy for clients and prospects alike to understand. All I have to do is show up and present.

- Blake Dorsett, Innovative Financial Group, Memphis, TN

The newsletters have been my best source for prospecting. On several occasions, when I have met with referrals for the first time, they have had a copy of my newsletter that was given to them by my referring client. It is very easy to manage and has been a great way to keep in contact with my current and potential clients.

- Gregg T. Georgantas, Channahon, IL

My company has had a great experience with Broadridge! The customer service has been fast and knowledgeable of the offering by the company.

Clients always feel good about the company and doing business because of the professional presence that they see when looking at our site. I've had church members walk up to me after church just to tell me that they visit my company's site, use some of the calculators, and read some of the financial literature to enrich their financial knowledge.

It is very simple to change or update and the cost of having the site is not financially burdensome. I would recommend to anyone to take a look at Broadridge if they are in my industry and they are in the market for a site.

- Eric L. Miller, Increase Financial LLC, Missouri City, TX

First off the website onboarding experience was simply the best, they helped me set up my site and helped me add my own videos to the site. You don’t have to be a programmer to get your site up and running. If you have a compliance department that needs to approve your content prior to going live, Broadridge is set up for that. Any changes or updates you make are sent to your compliance department for approval before it goes live.

If you are in the Financial Services Business, you need to have a good website. Prospects, will always check you out and look at your website prior to doing business with you. With a Broadridge website you don’t have to worry about your website not looking good. They update and provide current information that your clients and prospects are looking for.

- Ronald W., Southwest Florida

Switching to Broadridge for my firm's website was seamless and the integration was immediate. Thank you for making the transition smooth, and for the great content.

- Jeffery M.

I would highly recommend Broadridge to fellow advisors and have referred professionals in other practice areas their way.

With a professional appearance relayed from the website, this helps reinforce the fact that we are easy to find. The website is optimized for cell phone use, and in today's busy world it loads very quickly. A potential client can load the contact form page and call directly off the phone number for quick reference. I have utilized the SEO option and this is a more affordable approach than going directly to the search engines. Broadridge has already filled in keywords/content and is able to create a nice ranking based on activity. They also were able to produce an ad with priority moving it to the top of search engines pages.

The website acts as a conduit for potential investors with a multitude of tools for quick analysis. The retirement calculator is especially useful to estimate how long a client's funds will last. This acts as a nice reference point to see if a client is on track and does not have to worry about the risk of running out of money. There has been direct correspondence from the contact form regarding the calculators under the tools section.

Another feature that has been a value add, as far as time management, is the ability to edit the website quickly and efficiently. The HTML editor is user-friendly and one can toggle between the editor and live site to make changes. This tool automatically communicates with compliance at home office for quick review.
Thank you for all the help.

- James M. Bonifas, Jr.

I would highly recommend using Broadridge to enhance your marketing. As a sole practitioner, I spend a large portion of my day managing client accounts, meeting with new prospective clients, and everything else, so I don’t have the time to focus on marketing. Broadridge gives me all the resources to send out newsletters, market updates, and content for social media to enhance my marketing presence. Plus, their websites look terrific! They made it very easy for me just to get up and running fast, and make it so convenient to get everything through compliance. It is well worth the price!

- Kalvin Sid, Sid Financial, San Mateo, CA

Since purchasing a Broadridge website, I have had a large amount of success pertaining to new clients and prospects. They have described my website as very professional and high-end, using it as a resource to help guide their financial needs. Without my website, I would not have been able to generate the quantity of business that I have today.

- Natacha Smith

My experience with Broadridge has been easy, professional, and extremely satisfying. Just take a look at the beautiful website they built for me! You don't exist if you don't have a site. In the financial advisory world, client referrals are key. You must be refer-able. If a client does recommend you to a friend or colleague, the first thing they do is Google you; and if you are not out there, you don't exist. I have had many clients positively comment on my site and have gotten referrals from them to boot!

The start-up was quick and pain-free. Within minutes, I was set up, and the site went live in a day or two. The rep, Peter, was friendly and spoke on my level, so we got through the start-up process in good spirits and humor. The paperwork was all electronic and user-friendly. Not many people would probably say this, but I would do it again—it was that straightforward!

I am super satisfied and have on more than several occasions, suggested Broadridge to other financial advisors at seminars and meetings I have attended this year... and will continue to recommend you guys.

- David Siebert, Jr.

We recently transitioned our website to the new Broadridge platform, which was very easy. Broadridge provided a team of people who assisted and advised us of the new features. They moved our old data to the new platform and spent time assisting us with a new look that fit our firm. We are in control of our site and can change the look and data at any time.

Our firm also subscribes to the Advisor Portal, which provides us professional Presentations, eCards, Newsletters, Seminars, and Continuing Education. We utilize these services to provide information to our clients and to keep that consistent "client touch."

We are very satisfied with Broadridge and the services it provides us and our clients.

- Julie Brown, Bivin & Associates Inc, Ponca, OK

We have been so impressed with Broadridge Financial Solutions for our client communications over the last 10 years. They have bent over backwards to help us with special requests and to make our experience exceptional. The software integrates seamlessly with our CRM and the articles bring in client interactions and discussions of where our firm can provide added assistance for our clients. I have researched other options for our client communications and Broadridge offers all that the other firms offer, only with wonderful customer service!

- Kim S.

I am very happy with my decision of switching to Broadridge Advisor Solutions from my current provider.

I am very pleased with the ease of their solutions and value for the price. The content is compelling and engaging and relevant to my target market.

I like how easy it was to personalize my website to meet my branding needs. Along the way, they were very attentive and had great customer service; the support I received was outstanding.

Broadridge is a one-stop shop and I would highly recommend this company.

- Fred Nelson

Broadridge has been a great partner to work with. They have allowed me to concentrate on servicing my clients rather than taking away from that vital part of my business. It is difficult enough being an advisor in this industry, so it's nice to have a partner to count on to share in the responsibility of running a successful practice. Business owners across the country understand it takes a village to run a successful one; Broadridge services as the village support network.

My clients have mentioned they like my new website design, as it is "easier on the eyes and easier to use," and they "like the tools, videos, calculators, and market updates available by the push of a button."

- Martin James Flores, MJF Financial, Seal Beach, CA

Broadridge has been very effective for getting people to class, and I like the process that is in place to get mailers out in the community. Throughout the many years, the staff have been very friendly, courteous, and timely in getting things done. The overall experience has been profitable, and we would recommend Broadridge to other advisors!

- Chris G

Using Broadridge for teaching our classes (Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement) has been seamless and rewarding. The mailing services target the right audience, and we have excellent response from the students as to the quality of the materials and the class experience. Most importantly, lots of these students turn into profitable clients. This has proven to be a valuable way to grow our business.

- Jeanne Peterson, Jacksonville, FL

Broadridge Advisor Solutions been great to work with. The mailings have worked well in getting qualified prospects into the seats. To date, the educational seminars have resulted in over $5 million in new AUM, and we have only done three mailings so far.

- David Koren

Onboarding to the Broadridge monthly email newsletter for clients was extremely easy. I am getting very positive feedback from many clients who appreciate the articles received each month via email. As we were already sending out two letters per year to each of our clients, these emails have enhanced our communications. Today, many clients prefer to hear from us via email, and this monthly message fills that need.

- James H. “Jimmy” Duren, Tuscaloosa, AL

I was nervous about setting up my website, as I am not a savvy computer person. It was surprising how the onboarding process made it painless.

The Broadridge support is good; my representative called me once a week as I was going through the process. The professionalism and ideas that were given to me was of great help.

I have had many compliments on my website and how good it looks on a mobile device. I have recommended Broadridge to other advisors and will continue to do so.

- Carole McNichol

My website has given my firm brand name recognition and provided us an online forum to reach prospects and clients alike. Broadridge made the process of creating the site through onboarding simple and time efficient.

In addition, through financial insights and automatic birthday and anniversary wishes, they have provided me an easy, efficient way to communicate with clients and prospects on a consistent basis.

- Marc Lowlicht, OPES Private Wealth Management, East Hampton, NY

As an owner of two companies, I understand the work and effort that goes into building out efficient processes without losing that personal client experience. As a customer myself to many different industries, I feel that most often we find a tradeoff between larger organizations and personal customer experience; as if to have growth, you must sacrifice service. Very few companies have the ability to sustain growth while delivering personal customer value. I say that to say this, my experience with Broadridge and my onboarding specialist, has been nothing short of excellence. I have enjoyed this seamless process and would truly recommend their service to any advisor that doesn’t work within my target market.

- Andrew Nida, Asset Management Group, Inc.

The enhancements Broadridge has made to their marketing solutions are the perfect ingredients for an effective tool advisors need. They have hit the mark by taking the best from Emerald and Forefield to create some powerful, new offerings.

- Home Office Representative, Summit Brokerage Services, Inc.

Our relationship with Broadridge has been invaluable. It's refreshing to have a partnership with a company that not only offers the most innovative marketing solutions, but truly values our advisors and their practice.

- Home Office Representative, ProEquities, Inc.

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