Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers to your advisor marketing questions.

Why should I use your solutions?

The short answer: We offer the largest selection of marketing options, delivering your brand to more places at a lower cost than what is available through our competitors.

When you partner with us, you also gain more than 30 years of advisor marketing expertise. We’ve been in the business since 1985, and have optimized our solutions to help our clients get the most out of their marketing dollars.

But we think our clients tell it best; take a moment to read through some of our client testimonials to see how we have helped more than 125,000 professionals like you.

How are you different than your competitors?

We pride ourselves in being the single-source,multi-channel, multi-touch marketing provider for financial advisors. Simply stated, we offer the widest range of advisor marketing solutions. By partnering with Broadridge Advisor Solutions, you are able to build a holistic, affordable marketing plan that helps you achieve all of your business goals. And, by selecting a single partner, you are able to save time and reduce your marketing investment.

We also offer concierge support, helping you properly set up and execute your marketing solutions so that you get the most out of your marketing dollars. Our Client Support team is available Monday through Friday from 5:30 am to 4:30 pm PT.

How do I maximize my investment in your solutions?

We have created three solution packages designed to help advisors achieve their unique business goals. Whether you are looking to grow your client base, maintain your existing client base, or you want to do it all, we have a package designed to help you succeed. By utilizing a package instead of a single solution, you’ll build a multi-channel approach to your efforts, enabling you to reach a greater number of contacts. Not only is this a more effective approach, it’s also more economical, as our packages offer you a deep discount; when you select a packaged solution, you save 25% to 48% off the retail price of the included solutions.

I’m not technically savvy. What type of support do you provide?

As many of our clients will attest, our marketing solutions are simple to implement. We have set them up so that no special technical knowledge is needed. If you can click a mouse and type on a keyboard, then you are all set! Plus, we have created a library of video tutorials and written guides to help you along every step of the way. Our client support team is also available to assist you five days a week. You can contact them at (800) 233-2834, option 2, or click the “Live Chat” icon that is located on the right side of this page.

How do I know if your marketing solution is approved by my broker-dealer?

We partner with hundreds of broker-dealers, banks, insurance companies, correspondents and clearing companies, marketing organizations, and more. Due to the volume of our partners, it’s likely that we have a relationship with your parent organization. To confirm our partnership details with your organization, including special partner pricing, please give us a call at 800-233-2834.

Is your content FINRA reviewed?

Of course! We have a marketing library that contains more than 3,000 pieces of FINRA-reviewed content. New articles, videos, and other resources are added on a regular basis to ensure information remains fresh and relevant. We also have built-in compliance processes that enable your compliance department to review and approve changes for your various marketing solutions.

I already have a website but it doesn’t get much traffic. If I upgrade to your Advisor Website, how will it get found?

As you have discovered, there is more to creating an effective website than simply making it look good. When you partner with Broadridge Advisor Solutions, you’ll get a professional looking site that also performs. This is thanks to how we structure our websites so that the content is search engine optimized.

We also have additional economically-priced solutions that will help you attract additional web traffic; these include our Local Business Listing, Digital Advertising, and Sponsored Name Placement. When pairing these solutions with your Advisor Website, your prospects and existing clients will be able to find you no matter where they are searching online.

What type of automation capabilities do your marketing solutions provide?

It’s our goal to make the marketing process as easy and streamlined as possible. So, we have built automations into many of our solutions. This includes “Set & Forget” campaigns that push fresh FINRA-reviewed content out once it’s made available in our Advisor Portal, enabling you to stay top-of-mind with your contacts through email and social media without having to carve out time from your already full schedule.

How do I get compliance approval from my broker-dealer for changes to my Advisor Website or other marketing content?

We understand the importance of compliance, so we have created built-in approval processes for our Advisor Website and other marketing solutions. When you enter new content or make changes, a notification is sent to your compliance department so they can review and approve your marketing.

How long does it take to set up an Advisor Website and your other marketing solutions, like Direct Mail, Newsletters, and Email & Social Marketing?

Time is money — especially when you’re a small business owner. We’re mindful of your schedule and have created a simple onboarding process that allows you to launch your marketing as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

For solutions accessible through the Advisor Portal (including Email & Social Marketing, eCards, eNewsletters, and Continuing Education), you gain instant access once your login credentials have been confirmed.

Some of our other solutions, like Advisor Website, Direct Mail, and Print Newsletters have a setup process so that we can integrate your personal brand into your marketing product. For Advisor Websites, once you have connected with your dedicated onboarding specialist, your website can be live as quickly as one week. For Newsletters, please plan for your first newsletter to mail approximately 6-8 weeks from your order date. You can expect Direct Mail to deliver to prospects approximately 6 weeks from your order date.

What is the Advisor Website set up process?

We have streamlined our Advisor Website process to help make it easy and efficient. Once you have placed your order, you will be contacted by your dedicated Onboarding Specialist to schedule your onboarding consultation. Once your consultation meeting is complete, your Onboarding Specialist will complete the agreed upon work. Upon your review and approval, the website will be submitted for any necessary compliance review, and then be published to go live.

Am I able to include third party integrations on my Advisor Website?

We provide you with the ability to integrate third party application logins into your website, making it easy for your clients to access the different portals that you offer.

Do you have a blog solution?

Thanks to our expansive FINRA-reviewed content and web resource library, it’s easy to incorporate a blog component into your Advisor Website. We will show you how to do so during our onboarding process.

How do I log in to my account?

Here are links to log in to your account:

  • Website Access to Advisor Portal/P&C Websites (formerly Emerald Website) and Social Speaks posting tool
  • Advisor Access content for Presentations, eCards, eNewsletters and Email & Social Marketing; formerly known as Forefield
  • Seminar Center Access to Seminars, including Comprehensives, FocusOn, and Dining (formerly Emerald Seminars), Newsletters, and Print Marketing (formerly Emerald Keep in Touch)
  • eTools Access to the list manager for AutoMark
I forgot my username and password. How can I recover or reset this information?

If you have forgotten your username, please give us a call at (800) 233-2834, option 2. Here is information on how you can recover your password for each of our solution portals:

What is omni-channel marketing?

Also known as multi-channel marketing, omni-channel marketing is a holistic approach to getting your brand in front of your clients and prospects.

Not everyone “shops” in the same way, making it important to use multiple communication channels to engage with your current and potential clients. Some consumers prefer to go to brick-and-mortar shops, while others now prefer a digital shopping experience. The same is true when it comes to shopping for a professional service. Some consumers still look to traditional marketing channels, like word-of-mouth referrals, print materials, and direct mail; while others now seek out referrals and validation through social media, online business listings, and websites.

When you adopt multiple channels to broadcast your brand, you help to ensure all of your important contacts are receiving your messaging.

Why is multi-touch marketing important?

Multi-touch marketing is getting your brand message out to your audience on an on-going basis. This is important for both prospecting and client retention.

A long-time marketing maxim is “The Rule of Seven.” According to The Rule of Seven, a consumer needs to see your message at least seven different times before they take action. This makes it critical to have a layered approach to your marketing to help encourage prospect-to-client conversion. This maxim was discovered by movie studios in the 1930s and still holds true today.

When building out a client retention strategy, studies have found that professionals need to connect with their clients at least 12 to 24 times throughout a year; this includes phone calls and meetings but also can include engaging communications like emails, newsletters, and social media messages. By having these frequent touch points, you are able to stay top-of-mind in the moments that matter most.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we have a website referral program for our clients. As you know, there’s nothing more powerful than sharing success stories with a friend!

With our program, you earn a free month of website service when your referred colleague partners with us for their website. You can refer your friends today by calling (800) 233-2834 and providing us with the contact information; or, you can provide your colleague with our contact information and ask them to mention your name to receive the referral credit.

Do you offer any discounts for my broker-dealer?

We work with hundreds of broker-dealers, banks, insurance companies, correspondents and clearing companies, marketing organizations, and more. Many of our relationships include partner pricing. Please call us at (800) 233-2834 to learn about the pricing details for your broker-dealer.

How does billing work?

We offer a variety of subscription types and payment options to fit your budget. All major credit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

What are your cancellation terms?

While we hope you will be 100% satisfied with our solutions and service, we understand that advisors and small business owners sometimes need to put marketing initiatives on hold. Should you ever determine that you need to cancel your service, all you need to do is give us a call at (800) 233-2834. Please keep in mind that 30 days’ notice is required in order to suspend recurring automated billing.

Who do I contact for technical support?

Our Client Support team is available to assist you with your technical questions. They are available Monday through Friday, 5:30 am to 4:30 pm PT, by phone, email, and live chat.

Are your websites transferable?

Yes, your Advisor Website is transferrable. Contact us at (800) 233-2834 to let us know if changes are being made to your practice and we will assist you with transferring the assets.

What happens if I change broker-dealers?

We are proud to partner with hundreds of broker-dealers and other organizational partners. As we are approved by so many broker-dealers, it makes it easy to transfer your assets should you change your broker-dealer affiliation. If you are planning on making a change, please give us a call at (800) 233-2834, and we will be happy to help.

Who do I contact for concierge service?

Many of our solutions offer concierge support. If you need assistance planning an upcoming seminar event, are ready for an Advisor Website, or would like to add Newsletters and Print Marketing to your client engagement plan, give us a call at (800) 233-2834 and we will walk you through the process.

Where can I learn more about marketing best practices for advisors?

Please visit the Insights section of this website for education on advisor-specific marketing best practices. We want to help take your business to the next level! We appreciate your business and are committed to providing you with a state-of-the-art, user-friendly, content-rich user experience.

We also offer complimentary monthly webinar series taught by a former advisor. Visit the Events section of this site to register for an upcoming webinar

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