Practice Management Toolkit

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Build your playbook to run a more efficient and profitable practice

  • Online Virtual Coaching
  • Linked & Sequential Webinar Series
  • In-Person Training
  • Pareto’s Best Practices Tools & Templates

Take your business to the next level with Pareto's Best Practices Playbook, leveraging the same strategies and processes that Pareto Systems has deployed with the top advisors and firms in the industry. The program is designed to optimize your business and foster long-term client relationships. By investing a couple of hours each week, you’ll learn client relationship and practice management methods to increase your practice’s refer-ability, competitor-proof your best clients and drive enterprise value in your business.

This solution is included in these Packages:

Instill Consistency and Predictability by Building Your Playbook

Consistent, predictable processes are vital to establishing long-term client relationships. Pareto’s Best Practices Playbook helps you to create replicable processes so you can scale your business and build out a successful team. Throughout the program, you will build your playbook to transform and document your unique business practices, including:

  • Client onboarding
  • Client communication
  • Service model creation and automation
  • Existing client review process
  • Team organization

Convert Customers to Clients to Advocates

Customers have a transactional attitude toward wealth management and only do some business with you. Clients empower you fully and are doing all their business with you. Advocates are the dream client, they are fiercely loyal, embrace your service value and bring you new business by actively promoting you to friends, family and business associates. By enhancing your processes, you can convert Customers into fully empowering Clients, and Clients into referral-generating Advocates, to decrease client attrition and increase your AUM. Learn how to:

  1. Gain clarity on your business, uncover your gaps and focus on your goals to achieve liberation and order to your life
  2. Organize your clients so that you are allocating your time, energy and money resources efficiently
  3. Refine your service model to elevate the client experience
  4. Enhance your branding and communication to ensure clients focus on what you are worth rather than what you cost
  5. Fast-track clients to advocacy with your refined new client onboarding process
  6. Re-frame existing client relationships so that they understand and appreciate everything that you do
Client engagement

Self-Paced Implementation with Built-In Accountability

Pareto’s Best Practices Playbook offers busy financial professionals the flexibility to grow through a self-paced program, while offering support to ensure you remain accountable and attain measurable results. Achieve business success through a variety of platforms, tools and support:

  • Access a variety of tools and learning methods videos, articles, scripts, agendas, templates, webinars and in-person training
  • Program Implementation Tracker to help pace your progress
  • Direct access to the Pareto Team to discuss the process and answer questions

Practice Management Toolkit Features

Pareto Onboard Kit

  • The 'Advisor Playbook' by Duncan MacPherson, providing an overview of Pareto’s philosophy and approach
  • Implementation Tracker, providing guidance and accountability
  • Best Practices Playbook Binder, including sample Table of Contents and tabs to keep you organized

Webinar Series

  • Access to a linked and sequential webinar series
  • Walks you through the A to Z of the practice management process, so that you can build your playbook

Pareto Academy

  • Online coaching dashboard that serves as a central hub for your team
  • Videos hosted by Duncan MacPherson
  • Step-by-step guide for implementation
  • Resources including articles, scripts, agendas, templates and tools
  • Access for up to 5 users ($20/mo. for each additional user)
  • Desktop, iOS and Android access

Mastermind Events

  • Full-day, in-person training with Duncan MacPherson
  • Small group environment to maximize interactions
  • Productive, actionable takeaways for practice management implementation
  • Review of client communication, current on-boarding and client review processes