Video Studio

Video Studio

Personalize your video— amplify your practice

  • Easy, automated process
  • More than 30 available FINRA-reviewed videos
  • Videos added monthly
  • Evergreen education, market reviews and timely alerts
  • Your branding and personal contact information
  • Clear calls-to-action that optimize lead-generating impact
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Detailed Information

Compelling, personalized videos help you connect personally and efficiently with more prospects and clients. Our automated tool seamlessly wraps premium videos with your brand and includes custom buttons that inspire investor action–so you not only educate but also engage.

Make a powerful impression

From the moment your video starts to play, viewers will be reminded who it’s from. Consistent branding and calls-to-action help optimize lead-generating impact.

Upgrade your lead generation

When interested consumers self-select for follow-up, you’re automatically focused on more promising leads. Our videos make it easy for viewers to register for a webinar, schedule a consultation and more.

Offer engaging educational content

Broadridge Video Studio offers more than 30 carefully crafted FINRA-reviewed videos for personalization, with more added every month. Each video is designed with social media in mind. We make the personalization process easy. And we track every click by every viewer, so you can optimize your impact.

Upgrade your lead generation

Video Studio Solution Features

Video Studio Solutions

Premium Financial Videos

  • FINRA reviewed
  • Videos ranging from one to three minutes
  • Evergreen educational topics, such as: Socially Responsible Investing, Claiming Social Security Benefits, and Health Savings Accounts
  • Timely client and investor alerts, on topics including legislative, industry, and market trends and events
  • Market summaries

Easy Customization

  • Set up branded template once for automatic video customization
  • Complete your branded template in minutes
  • Includes practice logo, brand colors, head shot and contact information
  • Create custom call-to-action button to drive traffic to website

Popular Platform Integrations

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email

Retail Pricing:

Individuals who also subscribe to Email & Social Marketing or eNewsletters benefit from special pricing.

Standalone Subscription
$59.99 per month
Add-On Subscription
$19.99 per month
with active subscription for Email & Social Marketing, eNewsletters or package that includes one of these solutions

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