Multi-Day Workshop, FSSR

Multi-Day Workshop, FSSR

  • Multi-session experience
    Flexible format is designed to be delivered in two sessions.
  • Comprehensive retirement system
    Provide attendees with a broad, lasting financial education with FINRA-reviewed classroom or worksite programs.
  • Largest income opportunity
    Tap into the large and rapidly growing pre-retirement market and earn the highest prospect-to-client conversion ratios.

Attract and gain new customers with hassle-free educational seminars.


Financial strategies for successful retirement®

This seminar focuses on the information pre-retirees are concerned about, such as building sufficient assets to retire, increasing retirement income, managing wealth, and exploring lifestyle options.

Coordinating participant workbooks are available for purchase and may be customized with the advisor’s branding.


Topics Covered:

  • Financial basics
  • Retirement income
  • Investments
  • Risk management
  • Estate planning

Don’t forget your seminar invitations!

Make a great first impression with premium direct-mail invitations, including premium invitation cards and printed brochures. Discounted pricing is available when you purchase invitations and workbooks.

Options Include:

  • Premium, full-color invitation cards with matching envelopes; invitation includes variable printing and personalization options such as your headshot and an illustration of the seminar workbook
  • 4- to 8-page invitation brochures that emphasize the educational value of the event; perfect for seminars being conducted at an educational institution or community organization