Multi-day Workshop, Passport to Retirement

Multi-Day Workshop, PTR

  • Multi-Session Experience
    Flexible format is designed to be delivered in two sessions.
  • Comprehensive Retirement System
    Provide attendees with a broad, lasting financial education with FINRA-reviewed classroom or worksite programs.
  • Largest Income Opportunity
    Tap into the large and rapidly growing pre-retirement market and earn the highest prospect-to-client conversion ratios.

Attract and gain new customers with hassle-free educational seminars.


Passport to Retirement®

Position yourself as an expert with this comprehensive retirement course that offers real-world education to help prospects overcome obstacles and prepare for a more comfortable retirement.

Eight content-rich segments are designed to be delivered in two three-hour sessions or one day-long event An accompanying 120-page workbook summarizes key lessons and offers a variety of interactive activities to reinforce learning.

Topics Covered:

  • Envision retirement
  • Assess the costs
  • Evaluate sources of income(including Social Security)
  • Manage tax liability
  • Protect health and wealth
  • Invest for the future
  • Choose a distribution method to tap assets
  • Preserve wealth in an estate.

Don’t Forget Your Seminar Invitations!

Make a great first impression with premium direct-mail invitations, including premium invitation cards and printed brochures. Discounted pricing is available when you purchase invitations and workbooks.


Options Include:

  • Premium, full-color invitation cards with matching envelopes; invitation includes variable printing and personalization options such as your headshot and an illustration of the seminar workbook
  • 4- to 8-page invitation brochures that emphasize the educational value of the event; perfect for seminars being conducted at an educational institution or community organization