Search Engine Marketing

financial advisor search engine marketing
financial advisor search engine marketing

Control your brand everywhere prospects search

  • Amplified Online Presence
  • Improved Search Visibility
  • Enhanced Content for Increased Credibility
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Full Phone Support
  • Expert Consultation Services

Detailed Information

Controlling search results about your business is a daunting task. Our Search Engine Marketing solutions help get you front and center to maximize your online visibility, attracting new clients and making it easier for referrals to find you digitally.

Through managed business listings and sponsored search placement services, your business is easily found — everywhere your clients and prospects search online. Plus, your brand and information are consistent across all channels.

This solution is included in these Packages:

Expand Your Online Presence

Receive personalized expert support to create, register and maintain sponsored search engine ads and your business listings. Be found on the first page of search results in popular search engines and appear in more than 100 local online directories, mapping tools and apps, including:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Waze

Control All the Facts About Your Brand

We can’t control how your prospects are searching, but we can control what they find about your brand. Through our solutions, you receive our total management for how your business is represented on third party sites, apps and platforms to prevent incorrect information from being published. Through one simple platform, you can:

  • See how your brand appears across the Web
  • Push real-time updates to more than 100 listings
  • Lock down your data ensuring your information remains accurate and consistent

Enhanced Content to Elevate Your Brand Image

Make your brand saturate the Web by enhancing your business listings. This is an easy, effective way to ensure you have a professional, memorable impact on prospects. Enhanced content includes:

  • Business logo
  • Headshot
  • Business description
  • Holiday hours

Search Engine Marketing Solution Features

Sponsored Name Placement

  • Paid search ads on Google
  • Paid search ads on Bing
  • Fixed price, eliminating costly pay-per-click charges

Local Business Listings

  • Registration on 100+ online directories, apps and mapping tools
  • Live business listings scan tool
  • Data lockdown, preventing inaccurate changes
  • Real-time directory updates

Retail Pricing:

Select one solution or choose to utilize both to maximize your website’s search result presence.

$59.99 per month
$59.99 per month

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