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FINRA-reviewed newsletters and print marketing for financial advisors
FINRA-reviewed newsletters for financial advisor client retention
FINRA-reviewed newsletters and print marketing for financial advisors
FINRA-reviewed informational booklets for financial advisor clients

Differentiate your brand

  • Reports on Current Events
  • Branded Newsletters
  • Client Surveys
  • Educational Articles
  • Personalized Greeting Cards
  • Financial Education Booklets

Detailed Information

Draw on our variety of printed, professional marketing materials to ensure that you stay top-of-mind with prospects and clients. We offer a range of direct mail and print marketing solutions including newsletters, special market reports, financial education articles, and greeting cards, all of which are turnkey and FINRA-reviewed.

Whether you’re sending an informational booklet, a quick tax reference or a timely market report, our printed communications help you bring more value and guidance to your clients.

This solution is included in these Packages:

Promote Your Personal Brand

We take great care in customizing your materials to ensure they complement the messaging and imagery that is found on your website, mobile app and other communication vehicles. With each of our direct mail and print marketing solutions, you are able to reinforce your unique brand and keep top-of-mind with your clients by integrating:

  • Contact information
  • Professional photo
  • Business logo

Keep In Touch With Automated Print Marketing

Successful financial advisors know the secret to building strong client relationships is staying in touch on a regular basis. In fact, experts recommend communicating with clients a minimum of 18-24 times per year. Through our Keep In Touch automated print marketing program, you can proactively communicate to your clients, providing them with relevant, timely financial news that will reinforce your value. With the program, you send 12 educational touches throughout the year. The Broadridge Advisor Solutions marketing experts team up with you to:

  • Capture your business brand to personalize each marketing piece sent to your clients and prospects
  • Deliver an educational marketing touch point each month, rotating between our four-page newsletters and in-depth Special Report market commentaries
  • Tailor the content to your business focus; you choose the newsletter that best suits your target audience and are able to swap a Special Report for one of our other in-depth publications
  • Communicate in a way that works best for your business; we provide you with the ability to select print only, full service mailing, or even electronic delivery

Print Marketing Products for Every Need and Occasion

Whether you’re looking to educate, garner feedback, or nurture client relationships, we have a marketing solution to meet your business needs. Each solution is professional with sharp graphics, dynamic messaging and printed on high-quality stock, reinforcing the excellence of your brand. Stay a step ahead of the competition and nurture your relationships with:

  • Greeting cards to show your appreciation to clients, celebrate holidays, and commemorate special life events
  • Financial newsletters ranging from monthly to quarterly, each with a unique voice and topic-focus that helps to educate and build rapport with your clients and prospects
  • Special reports that keep your clients and prospects informed on current financial events and issues
  • Client interest surveys to garner valuable client feedback on a range of topics from investment attitudes to thoughts on long-term care
  • Key Numbers tax reference guides, highlighting important information to assist with formulation of tax strategies for the coming tax season
  • Brochures to help generate interest for your upcoming educational seminars
  • Informational Booklets that educate clients and prospects about key topics that will most likely impact their financial futures

Explore Our Greeting Cards

Keeping connected with clients is about more than delivering financial news. Part of your communication plan should include personal touch points, like greeting cards, so you can show your appreciation to clients, wish them a happy holiday season, or honor their special life events. Our professional cards help to create long-lasting connections with:

  • Personalized contact information, professional headshot, company logo, and website address
  • High-quality stock, design, and message that has been fine-tuned to make the greatest impact
  • Demonstrated compliance thanks to inclusion of your broker-dealer disclosure; all cards are fully compliant and FINRA-reviewed
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Explore Our Newsletters

We’ve taken the time to develop and entire suite of financial newsletters, so you are able to deliver high-quality, educational content that meets the needs of your specific target audience. Each newsletter is customizable, so that you stay top-of-mind with your clients throughout the year. Our newsletter options include:

  • The Specialist, an in-depth, quarterly publication covering IRA strategies, retirement planning, withdrawal strategies, Social Security and Medicare, current economic trends, and estate conservation; cover article is co-authored by respected IRA expert Ed Slott.
  • Financial Ink, which is ideal for general audiences and clients of all ages, and covers most areas of personal finance.
  • On Balance, a newsletter covering timely, topical issues for clients nearing retirement and those already retired.
  • Everyday Cents, a light, personal finance read that is filled with tips and news about consumer trends, health, science, and other personal finance topics.
  • The American Investor, a sophisticated read for high net worth clients, this newsletter provides insights and news on market trends, economic issues, tax savings approaches, wealth building strategies, and more.

Explore Our Surveys

Sending your clients a survey at least once a year enables you to gather important information regarding their interests and concerns. Our FINRA-reviewed surveys are a non-intrusive way to collect client information so you can determine their insurance, retirement, or investment needs. We’ve fine-tuned the process to maximize the quantity and quality of responses:

Explore Our Informational Booklets

Position yourself as a subject-matter expert and build trust with your clients, while you help to break down complex areas of concern. These booklets are full-color and feature a professional, polished design. Our informational booklet options include:

Explore Our Brochures

Generate interest for your next seminar with a tri-fold mailer or 8-page booklet, similar to those utilized by community colleges and community centers. Each brochure includes an agenda, course description, and pertinent registration information, and also include the option to customize with your personalization at no additional cost. Our seminar brochure options include:

  • Four-color, tri-fold mailer for our Social Security Topic-Specific Seminar See sampleOpens a new window
  • Eight-page brochure for our Comprehensive Seminars: Passport to Retirement and Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement See sampleOpens a new window
  • Two-color, tri-fold mailer for our Comprehensive Seminars: Passport to Retirement and Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement See sampleOpens a new window
  • Four-page brochure for our Comprehensive Seminars: Passport to Retirement and Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement See sampleOpens a new window
  • Eight-page brochure featuring useful highlights for our Comprehensive Seminars: Passport to Retirement and Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement See sampleOpens a new window
  • Eight-page, tall brochure for our Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement Comprehensive Seminar See sampleOpens a new window

Print Marketing & Newsletters Solution Features

Content Designed for Target Markets

  • General audience
  • Retirees
  • Pre-retirees
  • High-net-worth individuals and business owners


  • Include your logo and headshot
  • Customizable newsletter masthead
  • Add your contact information
  • Provide broker-dealer disclosure

Premium Financial Newsletter Content

  • FINRA reviewed
  • Life event and newsletter articles
  • Short stories about financial trends and everyday money matters
  • Timely subject matter
  • Charts and graphs
  • Infographics

Professional Design

  • Full color
  • Magazine style newsletters
  • Multi-page
  • Engaging, modern graphics

Greeting Card, Newsletter & Special Report Delivery Options

  • Choose to send newsletters monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly
  • Coordinated envelopes
  • Full-service mailing or print only available

Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

  • Thank You Cards
  • New Year
  • Christmas, including ‘Happy Holidays’, ‘Season’s Greetings’, and Faith-Based messaging
  • Birthday
  • Thanksgiving
  • Hanukkah

Retail Pricing:

Print Marketing & Newsletter pricing varies depending upon quantity purchased. Contact us for specific pricing for your desired quantity.

$1.87 - $2.00/piece
The Specialist Newsletter:
(min. price at 2k+ pcs):

$2.02 - $2.14/piece
Special Reports:
$1.50 - $1.57/piece
$1.50 - $1.57/piece
Key Numbers:
$1.50 - $1.57/piece
$1.50 - $1.59/piece
Greeting Cards:
$2.10 - $2.17/piece
$0.89 - $0.95/piece
The Specialist Newsletter:
$1.02 - $1.09/piece
Special Reports:
$0.68 - $0.75/piece
$0.68 - $0.75/piece
Key Numbers:
$0.68 - $0.75/piece
$0.73 - $0.80/piece
Greeting Cards:
$1.35 - $1.39/piece
Informational Booklets:
$1.50 each Sold in packs of 100
Keep In Touch Program:
$1.52/client per month

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