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Power Shift: Digital Behaviors Reshape Client-Advisor Relationships

Power shift digital behaviors

Increasingly conscious of their buying power, investors want advisors to get personal according to new Broadridge research.

Client attitudes toward their experience with advisors show not only a growing awareness of their power in the marketplace, but a readiness to walk away from companies that provide a customer experience (CX) they consider subpar.

Twenty-five percent of consumers surveyed by Broadridge said they stopped doing business with a company — not because of products or poor service — but because the company did an inadequate job of personalizing their experience.

Millennials are even harder to please: 35% said a lackluster CX would cause them to search for a new professional.

The takeaway? Technology itself may not be the major disruptor to a business. A lack of client awareness on the part of a company may be a bigger threat. This white paper explores the 5 critical steps toward a digital customer journey, and seven “calls to action” to put your firm and its advisors on the right path.

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