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What's Your Approach to Technology?

Steve Scruton, President Broadridge Advisor Solutions, discusses Broadridge's “skunkworks” lab environment to developing new technologies.

Steve Scruton, President of Broadridge Advisor Solutions, joins a panel at a Broadridge and Aite “Digital Revolution” event to discuss Broadridge’s approach to technology within the wealth industry.

Steve said that Broadridge certainly acquires new technology. But Broadridge also takes another internal approach similar to firms like SAP, GE and Oracle – i.e., a “skunkworks” lab environment which completely segregates a group just devoted to the latest technology stacks and developing new technology. 

Steve noted that it’s critical to keep the lab isolated from the day-to-day business to ensure laser focus on development timelines and business goals. He talked about the importance of oversight from the Corporate IT team to enable access to data and to also ensure a smooth integration of the radical technology back into the organization for production and sales.