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Practice Insights

The next generation of AI technology for wealth management.

Video Transcript

At Broadridge, and in partnership with Fligoo, we are bringing the next generation of AI technology to the wealth management industry.

Our technology, Practice Insights, is helping the most important corporations in the world, leverage AI to:

  • • Increase Wallet Share
  • • Predict Client Attrition
  • • Grow Assets Under management
  • • Retain Financial Advisors
  • • Increase ROE

Practice Insights leverages companies’ data with proprietary Artificial Intelligence to deliver ultra-personalized customer insights.

With our AI, wealth firms and their advisors can easily identify clients that need additional solutions, customers at risk of attrition, and growth opportunities within their book of business.

Practice Insights AI analyzes each customer to predict key indicators like loyalty, satisfaction, and potential, identifying main drivers and recommending actions that help retain billions in AUM.

Its machine learning capabilities predict which solutions a customer is more likely to need, statistically calculating a predictive score and providing explainability that advisors leverage to send personalized offers and increase wallet share.

Practice Insights advisor management solution helps firms retain advisors at risk of leaving and allows them to grow their business.

The AI performs a deep analysis of each advisor’s book of business, its relationship with their clients, compliance, ease of doing business, and even licensing indicators.

It calculates an attrition risk benchmark and identifies advisors in the high-risk zone with months of anticipation.

Practice Insights delivers AI-recommended actions to retain and re-engage advisors.

Actions are supported by an analysis of the top predictive factors and the performance of key indicators in time.

Our AI integrates completely with your existing wealth management platforms and systems via APIs. It keeps track of all AI recommendations and automatically captures feedback that keeps its machine-learning models improving over time.

With Practice Insights, the most important wealth firms in the world and their advisors are, for the first time, leveraging real AI to take their business to the next level.

Practice Insights, Leading the AI revolution in wealth management.

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