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Global Custody Operations Console

Video Transcript

John: Have you ever looked at a new advancement and said, “Of course! Why did this take so long?”

Well, that time is now, and that advancement is Broadridge's Global Custody Operations Console.

Here at Broadridge we're delighted to announce the extension of our Custody Technology Solutions division. Broadridge has highly resilient, proven and in production technology platforms that have the functionality to provide both Direct and Global custody technology solutions. We've now added the Global Custody Operations Console, a powerful UI and Dashboard designed for custody

Interfaces for investors have been evolving for years. There are platforms for them to see all their financial assets, track their accounts, and project future returns.

That same kind of dashboard for analysts just hasn't existed.

Until now.

Broadridge is already a global leader in this space - delivering technology-driven solutions that drive digital transformations.

Alongside best-in-class post-trade solutions for processing, reporting, and record keeping - we're now adding a streamlined interface to bring what you need from various platforms - into one dashboard for:

  • Trade capture and settlement
  • Asset servicing
  • Tax services
  • And data analytics

This type of cutting-edge data visualization helps reduce risk - by increasing transparency, agility and control, so you can quickly detect and correct issues.

It also reduces costs - with a way to track trends, measure progress, present KPIs and elevate performance.

I've been in global custody operations for more than three decades. I know where we've been - and where we can be.

If you need to see how many trades are in motion right now with a certain bank, it could take hours of running reports, calling in favors - practically setting up a war room.

With the Global Custody Operations Console, it's done in minutes - by running a single report.

And you can further slice and dice that report any way you want - by trade type, age, you name it.

A one-stop-shop for accessing all your global assets gets you closer to the market than ever before.

You don't even need to throw out (replace) your existing platform - this is an overlay for it - bringing it into sharper focus.

You know your business. We give you the customizable tools so you can get the best performance possible.

If you're ready to meet the future, check out everything the Global Custody Operations Console can do on our website,

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