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Introducing the Trade Assignment Portal

Learn how our fully electronic, centralized utility platform for mortgage-backed securities trade assignments work.

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Narrator [00:00:05] Mortgage-backed securities provide liquidity, stability, and unique investment opportunities. But while the MBS market is growing, manual workflows burden originators, asset managers, and broker-dealers at every step and inconsistent, error-prone process of scans, printouts, emails, and spreadsheets adds unnecessary cost and complexity.

Narrator [00:00:30] Now, Broadridge has introduced a centralized utility for the entire market. The MBS trade assignment portal unites originators, broker-dealers, and asset managers in a single, secure electronic platform. Finally, all parties can rely on a standardized set of digital tools that add transparency and efficiency to every trade assignment.

Narrator [00:00:55] Any originator or asset manager can upload a trade assignment. The platform automatically generates the assignment letter. Broker-dealers are instantly notified and can review their trade assignments online. With e-signature functionality, broker-dealers can accept terms in seconds, so there's no more downloading, scanning, or emailing PDFs. All parties are notified upon successful execution and confirmation of each trade assignment. Everything is securely stored and archived, so now you'll have one place to search and find any assignment letter.

Narrator [00:01:36] As a centralized utility, the Broadridge MBS Trade Assignment Portal simplifies and streamlines trade assignments for all parties. Now you can gain visibility and increase capacity in ways that cut cost, reduce risk, and free staff from mundane operational tasks. Manage your MBS trade assignments with the one platform that works for the street. Broadridge ready for next.

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