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DocuBuilder and RealTime Content Platforms

Automate how you manage complex content and transform how you work.

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When you are managing complex content – you know, the type that needs frequent updates from many people in different departments, and everything’s time-sensitive – well, that can be a great deal of pressure.

How do you track content from multiple silos?

Or consolidate all the changes?

How do you make sure only the most recent version gets published?

Broadridge can help you manage marketing and regulatory content and documents with our cloud-based solutions, saving you time and money.

Transform the way your teams collaborate with RealTime Content.

Our data-driven approach unifies control of your approved content components.

So, you can make changes once and be confident they’ll be delivered everywhere in any format.

And publishing is made easier with DocuBuilder.

This platform connects your content components across documents and file types while integrating data updates.

The result is tighter version control and a streamlined update process for managing content and materials.

Together, our automated next-gen technology allows you to reduce risk and inefficiency and ensures the consistency and accuracy of your key product content.

To learn more, schedule a consultation today and transform how you work.

Learn how to manage marketing and regulatory content with our cloud-based solutions, DocuBuilder and RealTime Content.

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