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Keeping Investors Informed and Engaged

Explaining the process that facilitates shareholder communications and proxy voting.

Video Transcript

An investor is not just an owner; they're a valued customer of any fund or corporate issuer.

Communicating with those shareholders who use brokerage accounts looks straightforward.

But as capital markets grow increasingly complex, it takes a lot to ensure a smooth and accurate shareholder disclosure experience.

The first task is to confirm the actual owner for any specific event. So, data is collected, validated and reconciled.

Everyone’s channel preferences is captured, recorded, and applied…so each shareholder receives communications in the manner they prefer.

Communications are composed, prepared and branded to ensure a consistent experience.

And sent to each shareholder based on their preference.

For proxy votes, materials are distributed, and then each vote is collected and reported. Each contact is audited, validated—and tracked throughout the entire process.

For every communication sent, hundreds of separate invoices are consolidated into one, simplifying the process for each fund and corporate issuer.

It’s a process that’s replicated over and over—for over a hundred million shareholders.

Today, a fund or corporate issuer may have to manage this same complex workstream for up to 1,000 brokers.

To keep the system safe and secure, brokers and service providers have made investments in data management, cybersecurity, record retention and infrastructure. This has streamlined the process and provides for a better shareholder experience.

The fee framework for these services is set by the New York Stock Exchange and approved by the SEC. Fees are capped and structured to take costs out of the system.

Now you know what it takes to deliver materials to investors in a way that’s efficient, reliable, accurate and secure.

Broadridge Ready for Next

Every day, millions of investors make decisions affecting their retirement security, household savings levels, educational funding and other important financial needs. It is essential that they understand the products they invest in and that they have confidence in the integrity and efficiency of U.S. capital markets.

Receiving timely and accurate communications contributes to investors’ confidence when monitoring their investments, making informed investment decisions, and exercising their corporate governance rights by voting their proxies. 

Broadridge’s technologies enhance the communication experience, enable participation in shareholder meetings, and provide issuers, fund managers, investors, and broker-dealers with data analytics and actionable insights. We partner with market participants to deliver innovations that make these processes efficient, accurate, and engaging. We support our clients also by helping them comply with the latest regulatory requirements.

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