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About Broadridge

Broadridge Fixed Income Value Added Solutions

Broadridge Fixed-Income Post-Trade Processing (impact SM) is an integrated, online securities transaction processing system that offers the industry’s most comprehensive support for fixed-income trading. Our impact SM system provides componentized value-added solution integration in its robust technology infrastructure all focused on supporting firms specializing in the fixed-income marketplace.

When Issued (WI) Automation

WI Automation mitigates operational risks, improves workflow, and enhances our client's experience by fully automating the post-auction process from announcement to results publication, all within impactSM.

Our solution provides a complete straight-through processing environment, using an advanced API to consume announcement and auction data directly from the Fed via Treasury Direct for When Issued and Reissued US Treasury Securities.

Learn More about WI Automation

MMI Issuance Automation

Broadridge’s Fixed Income Processing Engine, impact SM, assists firms acting in an IPA capacity by providing functionality for the issuance of Commercial Paper and Certificate of Deposits at DTC. By utilizing the MMI issuance solution in impact, users with an IPA business can leverage an automated workflow to issue, action, record and reconcile their contracted obligations for new money market issuances.

Learn More about MMI Issuance Automation

General Ledger Reconciliation Tool (GLRT)

Broadridge’s General Ledger Reconciliation Tool is an Event Level Trial Balance Substantiation Solution within Broadridge’s Fixed Income Post-Trade Processing Engine, impact. This offering allows users to substantiate trial balance down to the lowest level (business event level), so they can gain necessary insights regarding calculation issues, such as which event caused differences between an underlying trade and the user’s prior position.

Learn More about the General Ledger Reconciliation Tool

Broadridge Fixed Income Resiliency Planning (impact SM Resiliency)

impact SM Resiliency Mitigates events that impact trading and critical back office operational processes. It provides a contingency process for clients if the primary message queues are disrupted – this functionality has the capability to write settlement messages directly to an input file compliant with the BNY bulk input interface requirements. The files can be generated on demand and transmitted to BNY via NDM or manually loaded by an authorized user.

Learn More about impact SM Resiliency

Bank Portfolio Module

Broadridge’s Bank Portfolio module (BP) offers a robust consolidated approach to allow a “one-stop-shop” for your transaction processing and bank portfolio needs within our fixed- income platform, impact SM. With the BP module, multi-entity organizations with different portfolio management and trading strategies can use applicable accounting methods to record financial results while fully supporting fair value accounting (FVA). 

Learn More about Bank Portfolio Module

Automated Email Distribution Service for
impact SM Cognos Reports

Broadridge’s automated email distribution service for impact SM Cognos reports automates the creation and delivery of scheduled reports on a recurring basis, eliminating the manual processes of routinely downloading, attaching, and sending emails out to designated parties. Built on the back of new functionality in Cognos v 11.1, the automated email delivery enables the report to attach to an email and send to the specific email destinations configured for that report.

Learn More about Automated Email Distribution Service

impact SM Global Triparty Processing through BNY Mellon Global

impact SM Triparty Processing through BNY Mellon Global enables collateralization with global securities in triparty agreements. This new enhancement in impact SM now allows users to transact with non-dollar securities and to communicate to the BNY Mellon Global Triparty (RE3) platform.

Learn More about Global Triparty Processing through BNY Mellon Global

DTCC Alert Standing Settlement Instructions Processing Automation

DTCC ALERT (formerly Omgeo ALERT) is a global database for the maintenance and communication of account and standing settlement instructions (SSI). SSI Automation via Broadridge’s Fixed Income Post-Trade Processing Engine is an interface to the DTCC ALERT system that enables impact SM to retrieve customer data, SSIs, and wire instructions for new customers, as well as automatically update existing customers as revisions are provided.

Learn More about DTCC Alert

DTC Pledge Processing

The DTC Pledge Module within impact SM offers clients the ability to streamline and automate the pledge and release of DTC collateral to the Bank of New York Mellon (BNYM) to meet industry obligations (i.e.Triparty allocations/fills).

Learn More about DTC Pledge Processing

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