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Global Class Action Annual Report

The top 10 most complicated class action asset recovery opportunities of 2019.

A record number of new class action suits were filed in 2019. In addition to new filings, Broadridge has identified more than 175 class action asset recovery opportunities for the year, with total assets amounting to more than $4 Billion (USD).

Yet, despite the growing number of filed cases, the class action world remains confusing for many. Methods of determining settlements are complex, processing requirements are arduous, and new legal theories, laws and jurisdictions are increasing. As a result, many claims are denied for foot-faults, failure to plan, and even errors in the claim filing process.

In this report, Broadridge, an active partner supporting the class action needs of the financial industry, highlights the top 10 most complex and complicated class action cases of 2019. Collectively, these settlements total over $2.4 Billion (USD).

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