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The Broadridge Communications CloudSM Accelerates Digital Adoption, Enables Brands and Consumers to Interact in New Ways

New Platform is the First Digital Network for Essential Customer Communications

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ – Money 20/20 Conference – Broadridge Customer Communications, North America’s premier customer communications company and part of Broadridge Financial Solutions, today launched the Broadridge Communications CloudSM at Money 20/20. Using patented technology and analytics, the Broadridge Communications Cloud connects Broadridge’s current network of more than 900 brands, 138 million recipient households, and five billion annual communications, to a network of 10 digital channels consumers already use, including Amazon, Dropbox and Evernote.

Companies in banking, brokerage, credit card, healthcare, insurance, mutual fund, telecommunications, utilities and other consumer-facing industries can use the Broadridge Communications Cloud to distribute essential customer communications. These forms of communications include bills, statements, healthcare explanations of benefits, regulatory and tax documents, and can now be shared through any of 10 digital channels, based on consumer preference.

The Broadridge Communications Cloud creates a first-of-its-kind “network effect.” Once consumers elect to receive bills or statements in any channel from any brand within the Broadridge digital network, proprietary algorithms identify additional matches where consumers have relationships with brands in the network.  Consumers are then alerted to these new matches and can click to enroll. The power of this digital network is that brands that are not yet connected to a specific consumer online can now be connected when other brands first create a digital relationship with the same consumer.

“We developed this network to drive digital adoption and consumer engagement at a scale and pace that brands cannot create on their own,” said Doug DeSchutter, President of Broadridge Digital. “The combination of Broadridge’s recent acquisition of DST’s North American Customer Communications business, our digitally-focused joint venture Inlet, and Broadridge’s ongoing investments across digital and big data, provided the foundational assets necessary to bring such an ambitious goal to light. Companies across various industry verticals distributing two billion essential customer communications annually have already signed up to participate in this new Broadridge digital network."

In addition to accelerating digital adoption through this proprietary network, the Broadridge Communications Cloud also enables brands and consumers to interact in new ways by changing static PDFs into tailored, interactive content. This is achieved by integrating the channels’ leading-edge digital capabilities, brands’ digital assets, and Broadridge’s content management platforms to fundamentally transform essential customer communications.

Every time a customer receives statements, bills and other essential customer communications through the mail or via a PDF online, brands miss an opportunity to create deeper engagement with that individual. Leveraging this regular touchpoint to provide easy access to tailored information enables brands to stay relevant, drive engagement and deliver an improved overall experience. Evernote, serving over 200 million users, is one example of how brands can create new digital relationships with consumers and interact in new ways.

“Evernote helps people capture, nurture and share information anywhere, any time, on any device,” said Chris O’Neill, CEO of Evernote. “The Broadridge Communications Cloud gives Evernote customers a new way to connect to the companies they have relationships with and manage their bills and other important documents without any paper.”

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