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Press Release

QuickVote™ Launched in Canada: Improved Proxy Voting and Reduced Costs for Corporate Issuers

TORONTO, Ontario, March 14, 2012 – Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR) today announced QuickVote for Canadian proxy solicitors - an electronic interface to streamline shareholder proxy solicitation, vote capture, and reporting. QuickVote reduces costs for issuers and enables the proxy solicitor to immediately capture and report the vote of contacted security holders.

Investors don’t always take the next step to actually submit the vote they promised they would cast after a solicitation call has ended. QuickVote will enable proxy solicitors to immediately capture and submit non-objecting beneficial owner (NOBO) votes while engaged with investors during calling campaigns.

Vote confirmations are automatically generated and distributed with Broadridge’s solution, minimizing administrative steps and reassuring shareholders that their vote was recorded as discussed during the solicitation call.  Administration activities are further simplified through consolidated views of all NOBO and objecting beneficial owner (OBO) records and vote activity through a single source via Broadridge’s online service portal.

With Broadridge’s QuickVote solution, the entire proxy solicitation process becomes streamlined and less expensive. Corporate issuers could realize postage savings by consolidating both OBO and NOBO meeting materials into one mailing.

“QuickVote is an important part of Broadridge’s suite of solutions that use technology to support the shareholder communications processes of public companies and financial firms,” said Donna Bristow, Vice President, Client Management and Strategic Product Development, Investor Communications Canada, Broadridge.  “This solution facilitates the most cost-efficient, accurate and speedy capture of retail votes and aims to make the corporate issuer’s annual meeting process easier along the way.”

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