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Press Release

Broadridge Announces New Service Portal For Its International Shareholder Communication (ISC) Programme

Lake Success, New York – May 19, 2009 – Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:BR) today announced that it has introduced a robust online service portal to its International Shareholder Communications (ISC) Programme, which is designed to provide optimal vote output for participating corporate issuers or their agents for all shareholder meetings.  Broadridge’s web-based service tool provides ISC participants with on-demand access to meeting information, including custom daily voting reports and vote direction reports, at the click of a button.

Broadridge's ISC Programme addresses the increased demand for corporations to ensure a controlled, direct, efficient, interactive and transparent communication process with shareholders by offering a specialised proxy processing service directly to corporations or their agents. The process includes distribution of the general meeting announcement to shareholders, as well as vote collection, processing, and reporting.

The addition of the service portal enhances Broadridge’s already proven ISC Programme by providing 24x7 access to shareholder meeting information. Through the portal, participants can access the Itemised Meeting List, which contains meeting-specific data, including the meeting ID, date, security name, ISIN and more.  It also provides participants with a Meeting Summary for each meeting, which contains meeting, voting and shares information. 

In addition to the Meeting Summary, Broadridge’s portal enables participants to generate both standard and custom reports which can be printed and saved at the users’ discretion.  Reports provide detailed information on agenda dissemination and total votes received and processed, viewable by custodian, agenda resolution and/or other criteria.  Broadridge also monitors and compares voting response to the previous year’s meeting. If the response is lower than the previous year, a list of all un-voted accounts is generated and a reminder is sent to those account holders stating the importance of this meeting and encouraging them to place their votes.

“Part of the commitment Broadridge has to its clients is to provide the tools necessary to help them succeed,” said Hakan Benito Sapmaz, Senior Director, International Business Development, Investor Communication Solutions, Broadridge.  “By enhancing the service experience of our ISC Programme, we are giving our clients full access to all of their shareholder communications projects, while offering world-class support and streamlining the process.” 

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