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Innovation Roadmap

Capital Markets firms can turn tech disruption into opportunity by finding use cases that cut costs in the short term, while creating a long-term strategic advantage.

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Four technologies with the potential to drive transformation

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence2

At its core, AI is about data and scale. When you operate at scale, you process more data—which enables machines to detect patterns and learn faster. Capital markets is the most data-sensitive segment of the financial industry and one of the largest spenders on AI and RPA technology.


Blockchain one

39% of larger financial firms are actively implementing blockchain initiatives.

Blockchain two

The real value of blockchain comes from the network. Blockchain is a distributed ledger—a database of shared records between two or more parties. Details are verified, locked-in, and synchronized. Designed in a way in which everyone benefits, this network offers better security, increased transparency, and more efficient business processes.

Blockchain three


cloud one
cloud two

94% of the largest financial services firms (assets or AUM over $250 billion) are well into implementation of their cloud strategy.

With the Cloud, most people think about the infrastructure and platform, but the real power comes in how firm’s structure, configure and apply solutions to solve specific business problems. Cost-savings is key, but the Cloud is also about creating an open architecture that allows firms to be more agile and flexible as they pursue innovation.

cloud three


Digital one

In the current environment, most financial firms are increasing their investment in digital interaction.

Digital two

Digital and data go hand-in-hand—and together, they form the foundation for business transformation. Digitized workflows and experiences deliver value on their own. Digitization also fuels the full suite of next-gen technologies, from artificial intelligence and robotics to blockchain and the Cloud.

Digital three


Rethink innovation

Rethink one
Rethink two

95+% of financial firms see value in co-developing AI with other firms and partners.

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Broadridge works across a large network of clients, giving us the scale, reach and perspective to increase your returns. Every day, we simplify the complex with The ABCDs of Innovation®. It’s how we help our clients understand and apply next-gen technologies—including AI, blockchain, the Cloud and digital—to transform their business and get ready for what’s next.

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