Fund Partner Reporting

On-demand DCIO fund partner reporting for greater accuracy and efficiency

Reduce the time, hassle and risk from collecting and reporting mutual fund trade and transaction data to fund partners. Broadridge's self-service portal automates reporting and offers data insights to help you gain efficiencies and improve partner relationships.

Simplified fund partner reporting

Get secure access to reports and advisor intelligence for internal business managers, fund partners, TPAs and other intermediaries with our easy-to-use self-service portal.

Data Analytics
Market Intelligence
Ongoing Customer
Trading Partner Reports
Third-Party Data Collection
Match Trades

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See how Broadridge reporting and data insights can help you identify the right partners and make your operations more efficient.

How We Can Help

Increase fund reporting transparency

Fund and ETF assets included in our insights.
Reduction in duplicate records at the fund level.
Funds tracked globally.
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