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Uncovering Member Insights

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Uncovering Member Insights

Download Broadridge’s report with the latest health communication and experience insights.

We commissioned The Center for Generational Kinetics to survey members about their communication preferences, payment behaviors and thoughts on emerging technologies. This exciting research unveils how to maximize communications that enhance relationships with existing members while attracting new ones. Read the full report.

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Thank you for downloading Uncovering Member Insights.

Communication Solutions Designed to Support the Wellness Journey

Broadridge healthcare communication solutions transform the member, patient, provider and employer experience. Our technology-driven communication solutions – including document composition, print and digital delivery, postal optimization, archival and analytics – drive greater efficiency, engagement and results. As the leader in communications, delivering more than 5 billion annual customer communications and reaching 80%+ of North America households, we’re passionate about making every communication more valuable.



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