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Case Study

Timely Integration for a Key Solution

Broadridge Data Management Services Helps A Large North American Fund Administrator Succeed

New pricing, data analytics services, and reporting capabilities were integrated in a just few months, satisfying this client’s tailored data demands and global regulatory requirements.

Data Management & Analytics Services Case Study


Our client, needed to comply with the FASB regulation FAS 157 — fair market value. They wanted an external partner to develop a “value added service” to their existing pricing model that allowed external fund managers to compare and select, at the fund level, the prices to be used when valuing their holdings.


Managed Data Services


  • Ability to offer global clients multiple pricing sources with fund-specific customization
  • Client investment managers can quickly select, at a fund level, the rules to be used when valuing their holdings and ensure that funds are “fairly valued”
  • Improved data analytics services, and reporting capabilities enable modification of internal pricing policies as regulatory changes and/or investment strategies dictate
  • Workforce is refocused on business growth, while Broadridge handles data management services and collection from multiple vendors, data scrubbing, building and maintaining date usage rules, and exception management

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