Case Study

Belay Partners Gains Real-Time Views of Firm P&L, Risk and More

Learn how a state-of-the-art approach combining order management and portfolio management onto one integrated platform helped Belay Partners reduce operating costs and gain flexible, real-time views.


Belay was a start-up with a sophisticated internal structure and limited IT resources. They had four key requirements for their front- to back-office technology:

  • One flexible integrated solution
  • Limited IT resource requirement
  • Outstanding support
  • Lowest total cost of ownership



  • One integrated solution that combines order management system and financial portfolio management to support the entire workflow of the front-, middle-, and back-office
  • Significantly reduced operating cost by leveraging Broadridge’s hosted ASP deployment solution
  • Flexible real-time views of firm-wide P&L and risk
  • Complete solution that empowers portfolio managers to place their own trades
  • Technology path for the future with seamless access to Broadridge’s network

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“Broadridge’s unique combined order management and portfolio management system is all that we need to support the entire workflow of our firm.”
Andrew Wall

Belay Partners is just one of many satisfied clients who has benefited from the technology and solutions from Broadridge. Learn more about integrated order management system solutions and our entire range of capabilities by calling us directly at 646.214.3700 today.