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The Independent Steering Committee of Broadridge Newsletter

The matters discussed in this newsletter were addressed during a meeting held on March 28, 2018.

Steering Committee of Broadridge

Volume 13, May 2018

The Independent Steering Committee of Broadridge (Committee) was formed in 1993 to serve as an independent oversight body charged with monitoring the performance, voting accuracy and readiness of Broadridge and its predecessor firm in conducting the U.S. street name proxy system on behalf of the nation’s banks and brokers.

The Committee, organized from within the securities industry with the encouragement of the SEC, consists exclusively of persons who are neither current nor former employees of Broadridge. The members represent the four industry groups involved in the proxy process: issuers, institutional investors, brokers and custodian banks.

The purpose of this newsletter is to share with a wider audience the developments that are shaping the U.S. proxy system and to encourage broad participation in promoting the efficiency and integrity of that system. Topics covered included:

  • Regulatory update
  • Technology update
  • Blockchain voting report
  • Voter instruction forms (“VIF”) guidelines
  • Annual review of measurement criteria
  • 2017 Proctor & Gamble proxy contest discussion
  • U.S. proxy product development highlights
  • Telephone voting

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