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About Broadridge


Smart Partnerships Fuel Smart Governance

Innovation requires a relentless thirst to uncover new possibilities.

Some of our signature innovations are built on powerful partnerships. For example, we partnered with Q4 Inc. to elevate the investor experience. And, we worked with Workiva to simplify and streamline investor communications. These partnerships reflect a commitment to innovation and represent the win-win: All parties enrich their corporate governance services and offerings while tapping into thousands of new customers.

Broadridge + Q4: Reimagining the investor experience

Corporations must empower institutional and retail investors with important information, including insight into ESG and board diversity. But, it can be challenging to keep content fresh, organized and engaging.

Broadridge is constantly driving innovation to transform the investor experience. We wanted to deliver proxy content and corporate messaging in a more flexible digital format and recognized the opportunity to leverage Q4’s microsite technology. In January 2019, we launched Broadridge Digital Proxy platform, incorporating Q4 microsite technology. The innovative platform leverages Broadridge PPI data and Q4 capabilities to enhance interactive messaging, like videos, charts and graphics, to create an intuitive, easy-to-follow experience that drives shareholder engagement.

Together, in less than a year, we’ve helped issuers transform the proxy experience and showcase their brands while enabling Q4 to surpass distribution expectations.  

Broadridge + Workiva: Simplifying SEC requirements

While our partnership with Q4 makes it possible for our clients to offer a more powerful experience to their investors, our partnership with Workiva addresses the challenges firms face managing internal governance workflows.

Workiva cloud solutions enable users to create shareholder communications, such as 10-Ks, 10-Qs and proxy statements, in a collaborative and compliant environment and make it easier to compose and file documents directly with the SEC.

Through our partnership, Workiva customers can now securely and seamlessly send documents directly to Broadridge for printing and distribution, leveraging our technology to make the document “print ready” or enhancing it through our design capabilities. Workiva customers benefit from a single straight-through process for printing from the Workiva platform — improving efficiency, accelerating time to market and reducing costs.

The win-win? Workiva delivers a much better end-to-end experience to its customers while Broadridge strengthens its position as the leader in shareholder communications.

What’s next? Partnering to deliver for tomorrow

Corporate governance is complex. Broadridge has set the standard for more than three decades, but our success only makes us work harder to drive the innovation roadmap for the industry — to make compliance easier for issuers and participation more meaningful to investors. That means we’re constantly asking questions:

  • What new technologies can better integrate data in corporate actions processes?
  • Can machine learning automate XBRL tagging?
  • How do we use AI to streamline language translation so communications always reflect context?
  • How can virtual technologies simplify meetings and deal creation?

And, we’re always looking to build new partnerships with innovative companies (even competitors) because we know that’s the straightest path from now to next.

Talk to us. Let’s build something amazing.

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